Various issues of Gorkhapatra in January and February, Gorkhapatra, January 4, Rising Nepal, February 18, These programs. His dream came true when liberal Prime Minister Dev Sumsher Jung Bahadur Rana began the weekly publication of Gorkhapatra in , which is the first. 7 Results Latest in Gorkhapatra: Page: 1. – 7 Results found. 1 · Ophthalmic Assistant. Nepal Eye Hospital. Job Location: 24 days left – Newspaper Job.

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Retrieved 20 July This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Our major concern was to cover both campaigns equally.

Gorkhapatra – Wikipedia

They were the years of protests with anger in the air, and hopes and fears under the breaths gorkhapatar those who were fighting for change. People perhaps went to dhunge dharas, chautaris and patis in the evenings to get a daily dose of their newsfeeds which these days we can get on our cell phones with a flick of a fingertip.

This Nepal -related article is a stub. Sri Gorkhapahra was liberated in The story of Gorkhapatra, and with it the history of print media in Nepal ironically begins with the rise of Junga Bahaur Rana as he set out to establish a dictatorship that shrouded the country for over a century.

Writers on Writing and Books. The vorkhapatra 70s were tempestuous years in the kingdom of Nepal, for the king as well as the people.


Gorkhapatra: A Living Relic

To understand the mountain, we need to get close. Today while marking the th anniversary of the publication of the Gorkhapatra, we should salute Rana Prime Minister Dev Shumshere and others, who had their role in ensuring its publication. These issues were dated as early as BS the first year of its publication.

The paper was also going to serve as a medium for the public to express their problems and grievances to the government. This Asian newspaper—related article is a stub.

It was during those darker and quieter times that the first printing gorihapatra rattled at a corner of Thahiti, Kathmandu and for the first time brought voices from people living far away, much farther than just the next neighborhood or the next village.

This hand press that had an Eagle trademark on it was called Giddhe Press, and was first used to print the page Muluki Ain, an early attempt to codify laws for the nation, in Text by Kritish Rajbhandari.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Dev Shumsher Rana was the most liberal and reformist of the Rana Prime Ministers, and it was under his initiative that the Nepali people got their first taste of print journalism. Oct, Issue Bibeka Bazra. PM Oli President Bhandari voices for including climate change issues in school curriculum Bangladesh ruling coalition declared winner of disputed vote.

It was a dawn of gormhapatra freedom. And voila, there in the archives on the top floor of the building were shelves filled with oversize folders containing old issues of Gorkhapatra.


Two print publications in Nepali language already existed during that time. Interview No alternative to making federalism a success: Views Ln Edit View history. It began as a horkhapatra newspaper and remained so for the next four decades. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Other contents were subjected to heavy censorship. Oct, Issue Ivy Huang. Two clear pathways were now open to the people. He returned with several ideas for modernization and policies to strengthen ties with the Great Britain.

Rana rulers did not want to weaken their hold over the country, but an increase in awareness and education among grokhapatra people could pose a threat to the regime, so the paper was subjected to strict supervision by the authorities. Archived from the original online on 25 June Among many things that Junga Bahadur imported from his trip besides European architecture, fashion and furnishing was a printing press.

During the time of its publication, it was among the few newspapers that were being published in the whole of South Gorhapatra in local languages.