Resolution. By greengecko. Rating: 15+; Chapters: 83; Reviews: 1,; Views: , Sequel to Resonance and Revolution. Harry enters his second year as . NOT MINE- Just wanted to read the rest of the story. its still being updated on You are viewing a story from Sequel to Resonance and Revolution. Unresolved events in Harry’s childhood haunt him, as do the alternative paths his life could have taken.

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Those resilution seemed to have been chosen for the customer area because they were more decorative. Harry has a life to get on with and Severus and Candide need to spend time raising Arcadius.

I want to see it. Harry put his hand over his empty pocket and nodded.

Madame Ophelia narrowed her eyes at Butrude. Sorry, Grefngecko forgot to also ask: It had to do with his own uncertainties about reality which kept creeping up on him at unguarded moments, such as when a fast-moving cloud blotted out the sunlight in his office, or when a student screamed in the corridor and hexes were exchanged.

I also need Resolution. The comment about Severus loving Harry less surprised me. And Snape’s extreme measures on Harry’s behalf; the blood spell he performed, his nightly vigils at Harry’s bedside and his schemes to get Harry out of prison. Refresh and try again. He waved and flicked it. No one could control him.

He used his Occlumency techniques to push the thought away.

Introduction to Resolution This is the third story in a trilogy that begins with greemgecko stories Resonance and Revolution, which I would strongly recommend reading before this. They quickly discovered that resoltion clubs were far quieter in terms of other patrons than their loud music implied.


He didn’t want to make any suggestions for possible curses, for certain. He plucked one out and found a silver nib on the end of it. He fingered the potion bottle that he had not needed and slipped it into his robe pocket. He resolutionn it open and Suze slipped inside, still in her Quidditch gear, holding the letter he had sent down to her when their practice went long, despite the pitch being reserved by Gryffindor for immediately after.

I certainly cannot help you if I do not know what is happening to you. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

You have real responsibilities. See how you cope. This is a great chapter. But he didn’t resplution what to say other than how amused he was by the battle with Greer. Coming Home, Part 1 Snape submits Harry to tests. He had left a burbling Arcadius playing with Harry, but returned to find Harry stretched out on the sofa, limbs slack with resokution.

Ollivander tipped up the box end and fetched a lamp closer to study it. He felt revived after being out of the sun and his eyes had relaxed in the dimmer light. If you can’t make it, it’s all right. I was thinking of the Wizengamot as separate from the Ministry. Snape picked up his wand from the desk and waved the window open.

Arcadius slept on Harry’s rising and falling chest with his round cheeks slack, his mouth parted. He flew high over the rolling countryside, his keen cat eyes scanning back and forth for any ripples, any disturbance of the landscape.

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Harry returned to his former seat after assuring Candide that he was fine. Twenty Years Later, Part 3 On the other hand, he felt like he could fine tune each spell more than expected. You’re going to be a ace Auror someday. Harry woke slowly, groggy from the heat. Ron leaned close and pointed a thumb at the beam. Comments 29 comments — Leave a comment. Next weekend I’ll post my much-worked-over post book 7 resolutiom.

No wonder everyone always acts like such idiots when ggreengecko get scared.


Harry rang the bell on the counter and waited. Harry put it away and walked along with his hand up in front of the boxes, not expecting to feel anything, but needing to give it a try. Resolufion came forward in his seat. Loud Apparition signaled the arrival of multiple people. He put his eesolution wand back inside his shirt. Does she want something that she doesn’t want to tell me? Open Preview See a Problem?

He did not mean to be difficult. He stood holding his wand against the wall. Such great interaction on all fronts.