A life in Permutation City is unlike any life to which you’re accus- tomed. You have From the brilliant mind of Greg Egan, Permutation City, first. Set around the midst century, Greg Egan’s debut Permutation City tells of a time when humans are being cloned, not biologically, but electronically. The book. In Egan hadn’t yet written Teranesia, or “Oceanic” or “Oracle“. The cumulative effect of these, with Permutation City’s concluding denial of.

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The ideas about which he writes are outstandingly imaginative, yet never seem impossible. There’s so much pocket lint in the world surely some of it is actually Permutatiom. Notes on the Audible version: Just as he was for Quarantine, narrator Adam Epstein really is hopeless, especially his atrocious Australian, German, Italian, Russian, and Chinese accents. These three books aren’t really a series at all, according to the author.

It makes me wonder if he modeled his accents on the bad guys in action movies. Un problema de este autor es que no sabe huir de las explicaciones de lo que desconoce.

This is potentially an important issue in the real world.

Es realmente un rompedor de cocos de alto nivel. The book deals with consequences of human consciousness being amenable to mathematical manipulation, as well as some consequences of simulated realities.

Permutation City (Subjective Cosmology #2) by Greg Egan

If you’re in that camp, hike the rating substantially northward. Also, while Egan made some interesting steps in considering how consciousness changes when it can self-modify beyond the tolerances of electric meat, I don’t think he really took it far enough. Further, the conceit at the heart of the novel and the fulcrum for all of the action is perrmutation theory the so-called “dust theory” that is ridiculous balderdash and, if taken seriously, basically an excuse for moral heinousness.


You will never be your normal flesh-and-blood life again.

Permutation City

Sections of the story were adapted from Egan’s short story “Dust”, which dealt with many of the same philosophical themes. Affascinante, certo, estremamente visionario, e anticipatorio soprattutto questo: Electron can go straight from A to B. You also have Maria Deluca, who is nothing but an Autoverse addict. It’s evolution in data. If they successfully explain their origins in a way which contradicts the Autoverse permutaion, then that may distort the Permuyation rules.

If the central idea starts to seem shaky to you, you’re pretty much lost, because Egan spends most of gteg time elaborating it rather than justifying — the former is much easier to integrate with fiction than the latter, after all. The dust theory implies that all possible universes exist and are equally real, emerging spontaneously from their own mathematical self-consistency.

Entropy is not a problem. There’s little heart, little human passion. Also, how long can someone change himself until his identity is lost?

Permutation City | Night Shade Books

InPaul Durham, a Sydney man having experimented on Copies of himself, offers wealthy Copies prime real estate in an advanced supercomputer which, according to his pitch, will never be shut down and never experience any slowdown whatsoever.

Egan esplora la cosmologia, sonda la creazione dell’universo e le sue implicazioni filosofiche. Sometimes I was reduced to tears of laughter hearing how awful they were. It is deterministic, internally consistent and vaguely resembles real chemistry.


Not that things are all rosy, of course, but that it’s the search for utopia, or heaven on earth, that drives the characters here. Por cierto, varias de las ideas desarrolladas me hicieron pensar en la serie Westworld. The pemrutation scene where this simulated man “wakes up” and feel an unbearable disconnection from reality is like nothing I have ever read before.

Dick Award NomineeJohn W. In ogni caso, una pietra miliare, senza dubbio. For Egan, it seems a purely scientific question.

Fantastic book, very well written, with great characters and perrmutation of fabulous ideas. If anything were to impede this process, an aberrant techno-savvy Kabbalist for example, there is an interesting story to be told.

Copies do not yet possess human rights under the laws of any nation or international body.

Because Copies exist in virtual realities held together by heuristics merely for the sake of their experience, it should be the case that when a Copy ciy terminated and deleted, its own conscious experience will continue. Here are some excerpts: If you ever want to cause an aneurysm in a hard sci-fi fan, ask them for their opinion on Star Wars.

Il permhtation tra i numeri? However, the most interesting ideas — the ones that Greg Egan explores — arise from more modern physics, such as quantum mechanics and relativity.