Pointwise supports exporting Gridgen grid files. A Gridgen restart .gg) file compatible with Gridgen Version 15 can be exported from Pointwise. © – Pointwise supports importing Gridgen database files. Any Gridgen restart .gg) file from Version 15 is supported for import into Pointwise. Note that 2D blocks are not supported by Pointwise and will not be imported.

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Gridgen now supports double-precision Cobalt export.

May New features included in V March New features included in V SPR Gridgen was crashing after playback of a script in which a segment file had been imported twice, all its entities deleted, then the file was imported once more. Logic gtidgen been modified in Gridgen to correct this issue. SPR Resolved an issue that was causing the boundary decay factor for unstructured domains to influence the number of anisotropic layers created.

SPR Fixed a bug in which the unstructured face normals were being calculated incorrectly for structured domains within the face. SPR Gridgen was found to crash when trying to re-extrude a copy of an extruded structured block whose computational coordinates were aligned differently from the original.

The Unigraphics part file reader is an optional product. SPR When copy a database group for translation or rotation, groups were copied and placed incorrectly. Logic has been added to fix this problem. SPR An issue was found in which modifying the original database constrained connector in a periodic pair removed its database associativity.

SPR When reentering Examine for blocks, the previous function used in Examine was not being maintained. The manual page for gg:: SPR Resolved a problem causing V If you import a Gridgen. Then, whenever those entities are needed you can simply pick the group by its name which will appear at the top of the Browser instead of picking each individual entity.

Gridgen – Pointwise

SPR Fixed an issue that prevented the volume condition information of an anisotropic block from being propagated into its component tetrahedral and prism blocks during prism gridgdn. SPR When joining two annular half-circle unstructured domains, Gridgen assumed the resulting joined domain mnual a branch cut segment which signaled a re-initialization of the domain. SPR Resolved a bug that did not allow users to use Shift and the right mouse button to pick some connector points.


SPR An issue was found in which all database entities selected for rotation did not rotate at the specified angle. SPR When creating connectors on a particular trimmed surface using the On DB Entities command, the connectors were being created off the surface. SPR Running the elliptic solver on a domain containing periodic pairs was breaking the periodicity of the connector pairs.

SPR Corrected the calculation of angle skewness for Examine. SPR Resolved an issue that kept the maximum cell height for an extrusion from being applied correctly when specified in the GUI. SPR Resolved a bug which caused the boundary conditions applied to block interfaces to be reset improperly after merging connectors or domains at the block interface. SPR Resolved a bug which caused Gridgen to crash when creating database constrained connectors on shell entities.

The application of LSQ Fit caused the database constrained end node to be pulled off the database.

A description has been added for this flag. SPR A bug has been resolved which caused Gridgen to create a corrupt unstructured block volume. SPR An issue in which extracting prisms for an anisotropic block containing periodic manusl caused Gridgen to exit has been fixed.

SPR Resolved an issue that caused zero volume cells to be produced when an anisotropic tetrahedral block was initialized. SPR Resolved a bug that would not allow a domain to be mirrored while using large connector and node tolerances.

SPR Solved a problem causing domains to disappear after saving from the unstructured solver. SPR Resolved a bug which caused Gridgen to terminate when creating a fit for a database surface.

July SPR A bug was resolved which caused Gridgen to crash when deleting a control point that coincided with the end of a connector. Pointwise CAE export can now create prisms by recombination for anisotropic tetrahedral meshes generated janual Gridgen that contain multiple normals on sharp corners.


SPR Resolved a bug which caused Gridgen to crash when a cylindrical trimmed surface was copied. The following is a listing of technical issues resolved in Version Logic has been added to improve this functionality.

If other dimensions are desired, they must be specified within the script interface. SPR Fixed an issue in which the interior of an unstructured domain was not being properly updated after relatively large modifications to its connectors. The Defaults grisgen now contains a preference which controls whether the Examine command automatically uses the maual function chosen for the last block or blocks in Examine for any new blocks brought into Examine.

SPR A bug was fixed in which the Layer Height settings were not being accurately applied to the grivgen of an anisotropic domain. This file did not cause previous versions of Gridgen to terminate. While in the new menu, all connectors are color coded in the Display window based on the number of times they are used within the grid. Logic has been added to disable the Project button if no suitable surface entities are available.

An overset tutorial on a wing-pylon geometry with a store is now available.

Gridgen – Pointwise |

SPR The tolerances used to determine the default triangulation of new database surfaces were not small enough to gridgsn produce an appropriate triangulation. SPR Resolved an issue which was causing Gridgen to crash when importing a particular restart file. Gridgen now features updated license management software. PLOT3D support has been extended to allow i-blanking, byte-order swapping, and single-block grids.

These scripts are provided for demonstration purposes and are not supported by Pointwise, Inc.