Peeling the Onion has ratings and reviews. In this extraordinary memoir, Nobel Prize-winning author Gunter Grass remembers his early life, from his. Günter Grass’s memoir was published last summer in Germany to a chorus of controversy over the author’s service in the Waffen SS. But now. Peeling the Onion – Günter Grass – Books – Review JULY 8, When pestered with questions, memory is like an onion that wishes to be.

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InGrass caused controversy with his disclosure of his Waffen-SS service during the final months of World War II, which he had kept a secret until publishing his memoir that year. Shortly thereafter, as a teenager, he was part of the Waffen SS. The final part of the book reveals the images that led to his creation of the character Oskar Matzerath, in The Tin Drum, the novel that launched his career as a Nobel Prize winning writer.

He sees it in terms of being able to buy LP records and calf’s liver. Bertolt Brecht has a famous poem from”Germany, pale mother” Helma Sanders-Brahms later used the words as the title for a film. This is a meditation on memory, cajoling in its honesty and yet openly deceptive.

When this was made public last summer, it was all over the papers and airwaves in Germany for weeks. A very high 3,5 out of 5. To expiate himself from the crimes of the Waffen SS to whom he had been attached at the tender age of 17?


Grass can date precisely the end of his childhood: Full of the bravado of youth, the rubble of postwar Germany, the thrill of wild love affairs, and thd exhilaration of Paris in the early fifties, Peeling the Onion— guntter caused great controversy when it was published in Germany—reveals Grass at his most intimate.

He talks about being in the Waffen-SS in the same way I talk about my time as a stoner layabout at the same age. The post-war “conscience of Germany” now has to suffer his name appearing disfigured with the double lightnings of the SS. I am lost in my reading.

Michael Henry Heim Translator. Apr 14, Lance rated it it was amazing. Peeling the Onion was the most discussed book of the year in Germany in ugnter, as Grass dropped what was considered a bombshell in an interview shortly before publication: Full of the bravado of youth, the rubble of postwar Germany, the thrill of wild love affairs, and the exhilaration of Paris in the early fifties, Peeling the Onion — which caused great controversy when it was published in Germany — reveals Grass at his most intimate.

He is the creature of luck, ‘the child of cunning and chance’.

Pee,ing to meet all your book preview and review needs. After the war, Grass resolved to become an artist and moved with his first wife to Paris, where he began to write the novel that would make him famous. That part of this book, the first half or two thirds, is absolutely fascinating.


Now I remember, now I forget

Peeling the Onion may be an unsatisfactory defence from a public intellectual of his unacknowledged past, but, as a demonstration of a literary will, the novelist’s last testament, it is in many ways a masterpiece. Encontrei essa similitude entre Fellini e Grass. How it was necessary to go to Paris to find this, and how once he had found it, it was if a valve had opened and the words just flowed.

Nov 07, Scott rated it did not like it. We try to hide it. He shifts between first and third person, writing of his teenage self as ‘the boy who answers to my name’; he melds in with characters from his fiction.

Peeling the Onion by Günter Grass

Makes his living as a sculptor and graphic artist and writes a satirical account of the Nazi years, The Tin Drum. Also I found his style irritating, on and on about the onion. Sicuramente la migliore autobiografia che mi sia passata per le mani. Sometimes the loudest narratives are the ones untold. Soon he had three, one in Denmark, one in Portugal and one in Germany. That part of this book, the firs I’m not a massive fan of Grass the novelist.

A Memoir Author s: