The Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game (abbreviated as RPG) was produced in line with GURPS Third Edition, focusing on the Lite Ruleset. It introduce. I just found out this thing existed and my preliminary probings seem to point towards this being based solely on the comics, which peaks my. Ritual Aptitude (aka Magery (Path/Book) in 4e) was not necessary to do rituals in the Hellboy setting. In GURPS Thaumatology page ‘s “Limited Non-Mage.

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If you were tasked with designing a Hellboy RPG from scratch what would you focus on, system-wise, and would it look anything like this? The gist is that if a PC makes an ordinary success, they can spend 2 CP and add an element to the world of the game; if the PC makes a critical success, they can spend 1 CP and add an element to the world of the game.

It provides GMs with a complete world background — history, religion, culture, politics, races, and a detailed, full-color map — everything needed to start a GURPS campaign. Or trek south to the Muslim lands of al-Wazif and al-Haz to heklboy the forbidden city of Geb’al-Din.

That said, this is basically just a list of various “high tech” or “alt tech” devices pictured in the first five trades of Hellboythe sort of thing a PC can start out with if they have the High Technology advantage or build if they have the Invention advantage. Yrth awaits the legend of you!


Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game

Sat Mar 29, 5: Tags hellboy Thread Tools. But we’ll get into that in a bit. I also recommend columns from the the Pyramid webzine The Surpressed Transmission.

The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense We don’t really have a set uniform, but here’s a shoulder patch and a coffee cup with the logo on it. But do people out there actually play it? If you need a refresher on Hellboy, check out the wiki. I Gave the Mouse a Cookie So, y’know, good for atmosphere, but that’s about it.

Even Hellboy art includes details, especially when they’re important to the plot, and in any case, some players and GMs like thinking stuff through.

Of course, this simplicity can go too far. So, there’s really nothing much to say about this chapter.

Hellboy: The RPG [GURPs]

It really does feel like this was helllboy product designed for comic book fans that somehow had not made it into gaming yet; at a time when a lot of GURPS products were still on regular paper stock and illustrated in black-and-white, this is on lush glossy comic-book paper with dozens of images culled from the existing Hellboy material.

Inthis comic is old enough to drink. Click helllboy to see the hidden message It might contain spoilers. Disproportionate really doesn’t even begin to describe it.

This mainly involves robot zombies, saving Hitler’s brain, and that sort of thing. Lots of fiddly modifiers but it mostly boils down to “Roll skill, if successful do damage. George’s Cathedral — a structure that’s majestic even when nonmagical, and a perfect project for the faithful of Yrth. Fri Mar 28, 8: Nazis and Other Human Foes One of the characteristic elements of Hellboy is that it makes no bones about punching Nazis, whether they be Neo- or Original heellboy.


In many ways the guts of the book, the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense is like if the X-Files had the budget of the Gurpss Forces and recruited the more competent paranormal threats of the week to go play Mulder and Scully.

It was destroyed during the ritual on Tarmagant Island p. This is basically the anti-old-school-dungeon-crawl mindset. I don’t know what the fuck these are supposed to be. Display posts from previous: The same people gave us this, which is kind of awesome. Privacy Policy Contact Us. Thu Mar 27, 8: It’s also a world in which a small number of heroes have existed since the s to fight these forces wherever they post a threat.

GURPS Hellboy – adventures? – Steve Jackson Games Forums

The last group are those members of the Special Group who fell under Rasputin’s sway. So prepare to make your own mark on Yrth.

Vampir Sturm details, but after all that series wasn’t released until later. We start off with a history the roots include the British Paranormal Society founded inand segues rather quickly into the B. You should gain sanity for finding out that the problems of a region are because there are fucking monsters there.