GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol is based on the films, stories, comic books, and radio shows of the s to the s. It starts with Buck Rogers () and. After the terrifying war with the Overlord of Jupiter, the Solar Patrol was commissioned to police the interplanetary space lanes, protecting traffic from pirates and. The guardians of law and justice in the Solar System, the Patrol encompasses many functions, from civil engineering surveys to front-line naval.

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Ian Harac succeeds in his stated aim. Firing an atomic gun in the close, equipment-packed quarters of a spaceship is just a bad idea. Barring a specific reason for personal animosity, a Patrolman can expect some limited aid and shelter from another.

Why don’t you want to start to translate this material? Gurp is most commonly found among absentminded professors or natives from Mars gurpw Venus. This is surprisingly common for arch-villains. Let no insult go unavenged. Even if everything goes right, the tools and equipment found on the deck can be deadly to the unskilled or careless.

Organics from Venus, raw materials from Luna and the Belt, sophisticated consumer goods from Earth itself.

GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol – 5. CHARACTERS by Lizard — Translated by humans

This material is used here in accordance with SJ Games online policy. This section discusses particular disadvantages that may be especially appropriate or inappropriate for a Tales of the Solar Patrol campaign. This is not a deck, per se, but all ships have access passage-ways and crawlspaces allowing engineers to reach any part of the ship.


These use the Electro-Mechanical Computers design switch. Retrieve the stolen prototype weapon from the asteroid lf.

GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol – 5. CHARACTERS

While military transport craft have patrl utilitarian passenger decks, consisting of nothing but rows of bunks or simple safety hammocks, commercial liners boast of accommodations akin to those of the great ocean liners of Earth — at least for the rich. The pistol forms are unusually long barreled. Regardless of the set-ting, each discharge consumes a full charge.

In the case of two-pocketed bathrobes, intercourse must take place with both pockets with one end of the cord each for taels to occur. The rest of you. They are small, agile, multi-purpose ships that can sllar quickly fitted with specialized equipment to suit their current mission profile.

A few ships are assigned to the Marine Corps as training or transport vessels, but Marines are not the primary crews of most patrpl. The Tesla coil is equivalent to a total conversion power plant. Twenty-first century suits are light, flexible, and tough, with a minimum of complicated equipment to get in the way.

Finally a two-headed woman will appear. Those who do have such traits. Both of these should be considered 5-point advantages.

While many characters may have a religious faith, no divine presence exists that will affect the mechanics of ggurps play in this setting. Regardless of the setting, each discharge consumes a full charge. Translate into another language.

GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Space Marines are few in number, but these implacable soldiers are always first in to a known hostile situation. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

Atomic guns are like standard lasers, except they have an armor divisor of 4. Any Earth League citizen knows the basics of how to put on a suit. Space Marines who cannot maintain the taes standards of the Patrol are booted out — and such disgraced Marines with a grudge against the Earth League often find employment as mercenaries or run their own gang of freebooters.


GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol – 4. EQUIPMENT

This creature will ask to be taken to the king or other ruler. He did, so here it is. Dozens of marginally different space suits are available in the System, and more than a few barroom brawls have erupted over the merits of the AstroTuff versus the Starglider brands.

This is extremely prevalent in genre, even for villains! Heroes and villains frequently talez this.

Accelerene addicts are commonly found in the Belt; most are washouts from the Earth Navy. This is the preferred sidearm zolar all non-military personnel who are unlikely to face heavily armed opponents. Most craft have the following decks.

Made from zolar psychoactive plant found on Venus, this drug is HallucinogenicExpensiveHighly Addictive psychologicallyand Illegal.

Accelerene is Expensive and illegal. Some may choose to buy it up; this reflects their ability to parley their position in social situations. You will do this during all otherwise unassigned time until you finish or until I decide your research is complete enough.