I treat standards as a personal benchmark, that is all. I keep track of conditions ( gear/weather/etc) as well as scores and I don’t do them often. Week Hackathorn Standards Results may be posted until August 17th, . Designed by: Ken Hackathorn, variations by Ben Stoeger. Week Hackathorn Standards Results may be posted until February 13th, Designed by: Ken Hackathorn, variations by Ben Stoeger.

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Join Date Jan LittleLebowski Too much time on your hands. I cuss to much and swing kettlebells most every day, would love to combine those things with face shots!

Handgun Standard Exercise: Hackathorn Standards | ShadowSpear Special Operations

You cleaned the “insert your name here” standards. Back to Training Drills and Classifier Talk. Are you giving a penalty if they go over the time limit? I’m not sure I said it was too easy, but let me re-read my post. Originally Posted by R. Forum Discussion General The Hackathorn standards.

Originally Posted by SteveD. Why don’t you shoot it and see hacktahorn it is challenging for you?

Handgun Standard Exercise: Hackathorn Standards

Right hand, left hand only. Hackathron doesnt specify, but all my draws will be from concealment. It would give us standadrs some standards to strive for! I treat standards as a personal benchmark, that is all. All times are GMT Join Date Feb How would you rate it in terms of challenge?


February 15th, You must be signed in to continue. But you gotta see it for yourself to believe it. Thanks for keeping me honest on that one brother In other words, if a string calls for a 3.

The Hackathorn standards Thanks Shawn. Originally Posted by renegadephoenix. But then I have slipped a snap cap in their mag when they aren’t looking and the reaction is like But we did the above mentioned drill or one very close to it as often as we could. Never focus on the bad shots and what you did wrong, focus on every good shot and what you did to achieve that good shot… Buy a 22 caliber conversion kit and practice sights and trigger at 25 to 50 yards.

Hackathorn Standards

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. I have seen some real studs call BS on this drill. It was very nerve racking!!!! As is standard for my current level of skill, I was pretty accurate but my weapons manipulation wasn’t remotely fast enough to get a passing grade. Just make sure it is not fruitless practice.

This will improve your skills in the longer range shooting. But it shows the most common flaw for shooters in vivid detail!

Shawn, if your shooting friday evening outdoorsi’m there. Plus the normal 3 gun combat shoots. Like Reply 0 Likes. I need to get some IPSC “metric” targets first. Hackathorn’s a good guy. Standrds, it might be interesting to see how just badly I do as a complete beginner. Pick their bones clean. Had to shoot at a full run across the targets, two shots per target. Hackathorn Standards Course Designer: Joined Jan 24, Messages 6, Location Tejas.


I view “The Hack” stanfards as a training drill but as a solid way to validate your range training and gauge progress over time.

Finally, you’ll never receive email notifications about content they create hackathornn likes they designate for your content. This will show you how bad your fundamentals get when you are firing all the rapid fire and point shoot stuff.

I’ve incorporated a few drills from that class into my normal training routine. Membership Required We’re sorry.

Originally Posted by Shawn. Then eject the dummy and go continue to fire. If you are anticipating the shot then when you land and fire on a snap cap during live fire you will see the front site jump! March 22nd, We ran this same kind of drill and had hackarhorn stop shooting at the buzzer. I can’t believe it jumped!