LIBRETTO VOCAL BOOK – hairspray .. I’VE GOT MY HAIRSPRAY AND RADIO .. event will be none other than our own ULTRA CLUTCH HAIRSPRAY. Hairspray Script taken from a transcript of the screenplay and/or the John Travolta musical. Mar 12, Description. Download Hairspray – Libretto. This is the. l. ‘ Book by MARK O’DONNELL and THOMAS MEEHAN. Music by MARC SHAIMAN. Lyrics by SCOTT WITTMAN and MARC 9HAIMAN. Based on the New Line.

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Wel l, who did n’t? Now let me at that zit! Tracy, this TV th ing Yes, I know that the world’s been spinning fast now You gotta get yourself a brand-new start. I li ke these people. But you and I are going to.

Hairspray script

It ran for 2, performancesand closed on January 4, You gotta th i n k big to be big. The door opens again and this time EDNA enters with a take-out bag. TRACY hangs up the phone. Special Ed i Snicker, snicker. They start to dance when the door suddenly bursts open. Pen ny, I ca n’t ta ke a ll this waiting I’ve lost my man. Wanna come check it out? Are you th reateni ng me, Col lins? I figu red, since we’ve been going together sort of And you’re my queen That no one else.


Demented A Dirty Shame Spritzer runs onstage thrilled with the public’s response to the telecast and announces that the governor has pardoned Tracy and gave her a full college scholarship and he offers Link a recording contract and Velma libretot position of vice president of Ultra Glow — beauty products for hairspraay of color, much to the latter’s chagrin.

Balti more and me. They padded their cups But I screwed the judges. Oh look, it’s the Mad ison, my favorite I. Hey, cool it, ladies No need to shout.

Inside of me, yeah. This morning life was a Baltimore fairy tale Now I can’t make bail!

Pinky, the owner of a plus-size dress shop, for an endorsement. Big, blonde, and beautiful lead the way!

How times have changes This girl’s either blind. And Li n k, stop hoggi ng the camera; you’re not Elvis yet.

And horizontal stripes Ain’t eJCactly slimmin’. You liaven’t seen the last of us, Mrs. Of cou rse I d id. And that’s where it’s at. I’m cou nti ng to th ree hairspry then I’m rea rresting hzirspray a ll for illega l trespass. Has anyone touched you? Velma, threatening to fire Corny from the show, is eventually left distraught and determines to ruin Tracy “Velma’s Revenge”. But I’ll go pretty far then.


When, girl, we’re serving up. But that triple somersault. Tha n k you so m uch! Tracy, are you hwirspray right? Welcome to the sixties Oh oh oh oh oh.