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If the tension sensor senses that the tension has exceeded a certain threshold limit, the screen 3 can be automatically retracted so as to prevent the screen 3 from being damaged through excessive tension.

Halcomaster Gebruiksaanwijzing –

In one embodiment, the local master control unit may control the motion of the master motor in further dependence on the velocity of the storage roller. This causes the local controller 39 of the motion control PCB 34 to stop the stationary AC motor 35 from paying out the cover, and reverses the direction of the motor 35 for a short time in order to stretch the cover 3 slightly.

Such an arrangement is easier to implement with this type of awning because the motors are all in fixed locations so power and data cables for connecting the control unit and the motors can be arranged either overhead or underground rather than being routed through the screen 3. The method according to claim 26, wherein when the device is expanded, and the end portion of the moving unit so that the tension is reduced, the control system outputs a control signal to drive the screen back to the correct position until the mantle the tension recovery.

Most preferably, they are coordinated or synchronised so as to maintain tension in the screen within predetermined values. It has a main control unit interface 37 to which awning controller 45 halco,aster connected. A variety of covering apparatuses are known in the art. In this embodiment the screen haclomaster is not deployed and retracted along fixed parallel cables 4 as in the first embodiment, but instead the cables 4 are attached at one end to the corners of the front leading edge of the screen 3 and at the other end are attached to winches As shown in FIG.


The near side of the slave end unit 21 is shown in more detail in FIG. Thus tension can be halcomastee applied to the screen, and is limited only by the strength of the clamping system, the wires and the screen itself as opposed to springs as in the prior art.

This may happen, for example, if an obstacle on the cables is encountered, or if the home position is reached sooner than expected. If too much water is accumulated on the screen, the screen can be damaged. The motion control PCB 34 also has a RS communications interface 36which communicates with master end unit 20 via data cable These tensile wires are splayed apart so that they become further apart in the direction of extension of the screen.

For example some canopies are provided on the side of a building, with folding arms which can be extended out from the building when the canopy is to be deployed. These drawbacks will be particularly pronounced with larger screens where the clamping units have to travel greater distances and support heavier weights. The near side of the slave end unit 21 is shown in more detail in FIG.

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For example some canopies are provided on the side of a building, with folding arms which can be extended out halcomzster the building when the canopy is to be deployed.

As in halcomatser second and third embodiments, this splaying of the cables 4 creates transverse tension as well as longitudinal tension in the screen 3. One mode of operation is the position mode, which is the basic mode. Alternatively, all end units may communicate directly with the main control unit.

Apparatus for winding and unwinding an elongated flexible member. If the motors are provided on end units which drive the screen along tensile wires, the tension meter s may be incorporated into the end units. However, the clamping systems will be subject to external forces such as wind, and other obstacles to halcomastr such as debris on the tensile wires.


Retractable awning – CUTLER DANIEL

The retractable awning according to claim 11, wherein each engagement member comprises two rollers forming system. As can be seen, slave end unit 21 is attached both to the screen 3 and to a cable 4 via a roller system 6. The position of the screen can be monitored by means of rotary encoders as described above. One mode of operation is the position mode, which is the basic mode. In response to the command, the local controller 39 activates stationary AC motor 35 which starts to turn halckmaster storage roller 2 to retract the cover 3.

As shown in FIG. If the end points of the screen are support poles, this may be achieved by making one support pole higher than the other. The majority of components of the master end unit are identical to the slave end unit, and so only the slave end unit will be described here as illustrative halcomastef both.

The velocity is preferably maintained by providing appropriate current to the canopy motors in galcomaster to maintain the desired tension in the screen. Device for driving a flexible protection web rolled up on a shaft.

However, data from the tension sensor can also trigger automatic retraction of the screen 3 in certain circumstances.

US20130037068A1 – Retractable awning – Google Patents

This information is received by the slave local controller 54which is in position loop mode, and consequently operates its motor 9 S to move the slave end unit to the same distance yalcomaster its cable as the master end unit. The master end unit will consequently remove the velocity limit. A canopy or awning as claimed in claim 31wherein the tension is maintained within predetermined halcomasher. At the same time, as the screen is extended further, an increasingly greater transverse tension is applied to the screen.