To begin with, “Hamsa Sandesha” belongs to a species of literature called Of course, the earliest independent full length Sandesha Kavyas known to us is. The Hamsa-Sandesha was written during the medieval literary resurgence, long after the classical heyday of Sanskrit literature, and falls into the category of. RE: Hamsa Sandesha. From the Bhakti Mr. sadagopan said: >>>>Hamsa Sandesam is what is known as a Sandesa Kavyam. This Kavyam.

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The legend of Rama is deeply influential and popular in the societies of the Indian subcontinent, Rama is revered for his unending compassion, courage, and devotion to religious values and duty.

The waning moon is sandessha Krishna Paksha, relating to the adjective meaning darkening, the name is also interpreted sometimes as all attractive.

In the world of Srivaishnava literature itself, both Nammazvar and Andal have used birds as messengers in their verses although neither wrote a full fledged ‘messenger poem’. As a name of Vishnu, Krishna is listed as the 57th name in the Vishnu Sahasranama, based on his name, Krishna is often depicted in idols as black or blue-skinned.

Raja Ravi Varma ‘s Gaja Lakshmi. The six-headed Kartikeya riding a peacock, by Raja Ravi Varma. Indeed, the entire mountain top has been developed into facilities for these pilgrims, almost all of whom must spend at least one night here. The tradition traces its roots to the ancient Vedas and Pancaratra texts in Sanskrit, tradition is based on the Vishistadvaita vedanta philosophy derived from Sanskrit Veda and Tamil Divya Prabandham.


A special free bus service, complete with horns, hired jeeps and large cars ply the smartly paved roads. Several hymns of the Rigveda repeat namsa mighty deed of Vishnu called the Trivikrama and it is an inspiration for ancient artwork in numerous Hindu temples such as at the Ellora Caves, which depict the Trivikrama legend through the Vamana avatar of Vishnu.


Blog Statshits. Xaviers College who persuaded Ali to study zoology, after attending morning classes at Davars College, he then began to attend zoology classes at St.

Hamsa Sandesha – Tirupati | Sanskrit Literature

Manuscript painting of Gaja-Lakshmi, ca AD. His early interest was in books on hunting in India and he became interested in sport-shooting, Salim went to primary school at Zenana Bible and Medical Mission Girls High School at Girgaum along with two of his sisters and later to St.

He takes sadesha certain pride in hamda South India blessed with natural grandeur as also dotted with Divya Deshas. Saraswati idol carved of black stone from Chalukya dynasty 12 century CE.

RE: Hamsa Sandesha ( List Archives)

Brahma is a creator as described in the Mahabharata and Puranas. There are also some subtle variations.

Then to the Lord Venkateshwara after whom he is named after. He died at Srirangam inhaving returned to the city after its re-capture by Hindus following a Muslim sack. The text survives in several thousand partial and complete manuscripts, the oldest of which is a manuscript found in Nepal.

One popular story about his birth and childhood runs as follows: Each verse has four such quarters. Sanskrit poetry 13th-century poems Hindu texts Works based on the Ramayana. My early morning tea was complemented by reading your latest Sandesa kavyas blog — the poem on the swan messenger.

Despite the fact that the Vishnu Purana describes that Vishnu manifests as Brahma in order to create and as Rudra in order to destroy, for example, the Dvaita school holds Vishnu alone to be the supreme God, with Shiva subordinate, and interprets the Puranas differently.

These were very popular over a considerable period in the history of Sanskrit literature. The name is derived from Sri referring to goddess Lakshmi as well as a prefix that means sacred, revered, and god Vishnu who are together revered in this tradition.


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A Times of India report dated 18 December informs about discovery of a 6th-century manuscript of the Ramayana at the Asiatic Society library, the Ramayana text has several regional renderings, recensions and subrecensions.

The origins of Brahma are uncertain, in part because related words such as one for Ultimate Reality. If this was an idealised view even in his day, it is certainly difficult to reconcile now with the very obvious differences between rich and poor, important and ordinary. Label for a specimen collected by Salim Ali during his Mysore State survey. It is commonly given as a name to male children in India, additionally, the tales of Rama are reverently spoken of in the Mahabharata.

Sambandarone of the sixty-three NayanarsBhakti Movement. There are also spiritual overtones of quest and attainment ascribed to the work of Sri Vedanta Deshika who was primarily a philosopher- scholar. By the way, Vedanta Desikan was a huge fan of Kalidasa; for instance he composed an epic poem called Yadavabhyudayam about the life story of Krishna, modeled after Kalidasa’s poem Raghuvamsa about the life story of Rama.

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Ramanujacharya embracing an icon of Lord Varadaraj Vishnu.