Music composed by G. F. Handel. Libretto by Charles Jennens, based on 1 Samuel. First Performance: 16 January , King’s/Queen’s. Handel’s first English oratorio, in , was Esther, with a libretto based on Racine, Saul. In July the cancellation of the intended opera season was. Handel Saul Atto 1 Libretto – Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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For thee, my Brother Jonathan. Witch Woman of Endor Alas!

In a well known letter to Lord Guernsey on 19th September Jennens describes a visit to Handel, whose head, he found, was ‘more full of maggots than ever’. With that proud Librettp to be join’d? Think, and with ruin, if you can, Such Services repay. Tragedia in five acts.

He will make it good. How excellent thy name, Hqndel Lord. Swiftly the Foe pursu’d. His involvement with Italian opera as a composer and organizer continued, eventually under the royal patronage of George I, Elector of Hanover, who had succeeded to the English throne inon the death of Queen Anne, but by handdel, with the establishment of a rival opera company under the patronage of the Prince of Wales, there were obvious commercial difficulties.


Go on, be prosperous in Fight, squl the Hebrew Name! Handel’s first English oratorio, inwas Esther, with a libretto based on Racine, followed, inby the biblical Deborah in March and in July Athalia, with a libretto by Samuel Humphreys, his earlier collaborator, derived from Racine and biblical sources.

For ev’ry pious Israelite. The pious Son ne’er left the Father’s side. Am I then sunk so low.

Opera Today : HANDEL: Saul (HWV 53)

At any rate, Handel was here willing, as in his later collaborations with Jennens, to pay some attention to the latter’s advice and suggestions and it was through Jennens hanvel he wrote new music for the libretgo on Saul and Jonathan, rather than re-using music he had written for the funeral of Queen Caroline the previous December.

The Oxford History of the British Army. Accompagnato Saul “To him ten thousands, and to me but thousands! The Son of Jesse.

Opera Today

Young cited aboveadvertised Marchesini the “Marchesina detta la Lucchesina” as the scheduled first performer. By 8th August he had finished the second act and the whole work would presumably sal been virtually complete by the end of September.


What great rewards are due! Scene the Second Jonathan and David. After a funeral march for the Israelite dead. Words that sweet as Honey flow: As Great Jehovah lives, I swear.

How poor in Fortune, and in Birth how low! By Prophets or by Dreams: And sooth his tortur’d Soul with Sound, Divine. Recitative David, an Amalekite “Whence comest thou? And Jonathan and David are but one.

By this the Hero best is known; He can himself subdue. How low the mighty lie!

To one of his Attendants, who kills the Amalekite. Recitative David,Jonathan “Oh, strange vicissitude”