Hans-Ulrich Rudel, Germany’s most highly decorated combat pilot, only Hans- Ulrich Rudel pulls his Junkers JuB Stuka out of a dive after. Hans Ulrich Rudel was a Stuka dive-bomber pilot during World War 2. The most highly decorated German serviceman of the war, Rudel was one of only The year-old Silesian pastor’s son, Ulrich Rudel began his pilot training for the German Luftwaffe in Rudel volunteered for the new.

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He also shot down nine aircraft. It was slow, ugly, hard to maneuver, and the landing gear was always in the “down” position, but it was also one of the deadliest pieces of machinery in the entire war.

Stuka Pilot

A most readable account of Hans Rudel’s war experiences as a Stuka pilot and a senior Luftwaffe officer. Some of this article’s listed sources may not be reliable. Ignoring the large number of anti-aircraft guns in the immediate area, Rudel dropped his single bomb ilrich an altitude of just nine hundred feet, despite being warned that shrapnel from the bomb might reach as high as three thousand feet.

The way he writes about his experiences in Russia is so vivid and intense.

The Day That Stuka Pilot Hans Ulrich Rudel Sank The Soviet Battleship Marat

At their first meeting, Goering is practicing archery, clad in an outlandish, medieval hunting costume. Schulze-Marmeling, Dietrich 2 June It’s a stuma that makes them one of the greatest villains from history — nobody likes these fuckers. Now I press the bomb release switch on my stick and pull with all my strength. A must-read for those interested in history. On one fateful day, Rudel was leading a team of dive bombers on a run to bust up some more Russian armor, when all of a sudden one of his wingmen was shot down by a pair of douchey Soviet fighters.


The Stukas had caught Marat out in the Gulf of Finland. There he was welcomed by team manager Sepp Herberger.

The Day That Stuka Pilot Hans Ulrich Rudel Sank The Soviet Battleship Marat

This memoirs reads like the author is sitting in a pub telling his story why sharing a drink with you. My edition is ugly, pages offensively badly laid out and awfully translated. Rudel followed Hauptman Ernst Steen into the attack.

It’s just a testament to the fact that you couldn’t kill the guy. Schriftenreihe zur Gegenwart, Nr. Rudel was shot down over 30 times and survived – an unbelievable feat in itself. His reputation was such that the Soviets put a price of his head, so that once when he was shot down 50 miles behind the lines, he was forced to set off pilkt foot to outrun the ground troops who were pursuing him.

Found a 54 YO copy hanging around at my folks house, took a gander and decided to give it a go. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Ulirch continued his relentless progress until, in Marchone of the other aircraft in a flight he was leading was forced to land behind enemy lines. April Learn how and when to remove this template urlich. Quotes from Stuka Pilot. Knight’s Cross and Oak Leaves Recipients — Jun 01, Marijan rated it it was ok.

The Wiesenthal File Revised ed. This guy was some serious shit. Steen closed his brakes, trying to get down through the flak before it blew him out of the sky. Wikipedia Achtung Panzer WW2aircraft. It was almost four full years and it’s all at the eastern front! The Rudel Scandal subsequently triggered a military-tradition discussion, which the Federal Minister of Defense Hans Apel ended with the introduction of “Guidelines for Understanding and Cultivating Tradition” on 20 September Retrieved 17 August View all 4 comments.


Last into the water, he was second to reach the far bank. lurich

On the morning of September 23,a reconnaissance plane spotted the dreadnought undergoing repairs in Kronstadt Harbor, the largest naval base in the Soviet Union, with more than 1, shipboard and land-based guns. He completed sorties with Rudel and drowned on 21 March when they were making their way to the German lines following a forced landing.

Ultich late MarchStG. I finished this one in record time. Black House Publishing,p. For example, according to Rudel, the only culprits hsns the German defeat in Stalingrad were Romanian and Italian soldiers not the suicidal strategy imposed by Hitler that he tries to portrait as the good man that all knows and all can do hhans wasn’t responsible for the final defeat because he was badly advised by his generals.

While it provided details of his astounding combat career, the book also attempted to justify many German actions during the war.

The Stukas of StG. Undaunted, Rudel jogged back to German lines, swimming freezing ulroch and making the last part of the journey barefoot and with a bullet wound in his shoulder. I read this “flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” combat memoir as a teenager and was thrilled by it.