When you first see Israel Aircraft Industries’ Harop drone, the “Star Trek” . munition” was being fielded just for this purpose—the IAI Harpy. IAI UAVs. HARPY is a lethal UAV designed to detect, attack and destroy radar emitters. Harpy is a “Fire-and-Forget” all-weather, day/night autonomous weapon . The IAI Harop is a disposable half-UAV, half-missile drone system with inherent noted the presented statistics below pertain to the IAI Harop (Harpy) model.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 14 Julyat Aircraft and missiles produced by Israel Aerospace Industries. The Harop is a part-UAV, part-missile development in which the entire aircraft becomes an attack weapon upon spotting a target of opportunity. Using drones to help destroy and confuse an unfriendly air defense network is something Israel knows a lot about, as they’ve been using them to do just that since the Yom Kippur War in This incident chilled relations between the United States and Israel, with Israel being suspended from its status as Security Cooperative Participant in the Joint Strike Fighter program.

Meet Israel’s “Suicide Squad” of Self Sacrificing Drones – The Drive

In the late s, Israel began working on a follow-on to the Harpy. Israel Aerospace Industries IAI unveiled in an international aviation exhibition in Singapore this week new “Roamer” class missiles that look like an unmanned aerial vehicles UAVbut are in fact missiles that hover in the air until harp lock on their targets, then collide with and destroy them.


The name of the new model, revealed at the end of a development process that took more than two years, is the Harpy NG, uva is considered the next generation of what IAI terms its “loitering attack systems”, referring to these models’ ability to loiter over a target before destorying it.

Wing extensions har;y fitted outboard of the twin vertical tail gins and these appear to sport a near-forward-swept look.

Meet Israel’s ‘Suicide Squad’ of Self-Sacrificing Drones

The Green Dragon was designed to provide field units at the battalion and division levels, as well as special units, full independence in both up-to-date situational intelligence collection and the ability to finish the fight at a low cost. The aircraft is launched from a prepared container and extends its outboard wing sections upon launch. Basically, the Harop—which has the radar signature of a small bird and virtually no infrared signature whatsoever—offers an inexpensive solution for many unmanned missions in a small, transportable, and optionally reusable package.

The Rotem is simple to use, allowing entry through windows and nimble maneuvering around fences.

Israeli Mastiff drone, like the ones used during the Mole Cricket 19 operation. Views Read Edit View history.

Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft: Retrieved from ” https: It can thus cover enormous distances. It carries a high explosive warhead. In just a matter of hours, it did just that. In fact, it was put to use with devastating results by the Azeris just last spring, during fighting with the Armenians.

It is a larger version of the IAI Harpy and is launched from ground- or sea-based canisters, auv can be adapted for air-launch.

As such, a bull market is emerging around the concept. Nesher Kfir Nammer Lavi. IAI also unveiled the Rotem, a tiny drone that can roam in urban environments.

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The internal system of the new model has been improved and can be preprogrammed by the operator, running multiple attack scenarios in the autonomous fire-and-forget method, so if the missile recognizes that the hrapy target is not there, it guides itself to explode on a secondary target or crash in a predetermined area.

This anti-radiation drone is designed to target enemy air-defense systems in a first line of attack, as the small drone with its small radar cross-section can evade SAMs and radar detection systems which are designed to target much larger aircraft or to intercept fixed-trajectory missiles. Nesher Kfir Nammer Lavi. Range is said uv be in the 1, kilometer range or up to six hours of flight time, providing a good reach or loitering window for the operator.

Each battery consists of three launchers and a command vehicle. Graph showcases the IAI Harop Harpy ‘s operational range on internal fuel when compared to distances between major cities. This is what a real-world attack by a Harop looks like: Once in the air, it can be operated by man-in-the-loop control or it uwv go about its mission totally autonomously.

It first used in combat by Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in April Tells Israel” — via Haaretz. Lessons learned from the conflict also figured heavily into future American combat air operations.