Head over to the Shekhawati region in Rajasthan and discover wall paintings in the Shekhawati havelis (mansions) of Fatehpur, Nawalgarh. Though the havelis in Shekhawati might look dilapidated from the outside, some of them are still active as living spaces. I met Shakti Kaloya and his family, who. Shekhawati in Rajasthan is an offbeat region famous for antique havelis with intricate frescos and doors. Here is a guide to the villages of.

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No wonder this region is called an open art museum. Shutterstock, Abhishek Mande Bhot. Shekhawati is a dialect of the Rajasthani language and is spoken by about three million speakers in the ChuruJhunjhunuand Sikar districts of Rajasthan. Such a vibrant burst of colors and all so charming, reminding one of a bygone era.

Flooded streets in Shekhawati after a monsoon rain. Alternatively you can also approach it from New Delhi or even Bikaner. Touts abound near the famous haveli-turned-museums waiting to pounce on rich Europeans and can become a nuisance. January 12, at 6: The summer brings hot waves of air called loo. To preserve the beauty the mansions and promote Shekhawati as a tourist spot, selling havelis to someone who could harm its heritage shekhawwati is not encouraged.

The streets of Mandawa are dominated by multi-storeyed havelis. Lakshminarayan Ladia Haveli is probably the most picturesque one. Typical tourists hoping for a quick glance of this region choose to visit Nawalgarh and Mandawa, being the most famous towns of them all. An example of how new constructions and encroachment is a threat to the old havflis, many of which are in a dilapidated condition.


As we explored a bygone era through the havelis of Suranas, Lohias and KotharisLal Singh enthralled me with tiny bits of history in every street. These floods cause even more damage to the already damaged frescoes.


The motifs on the havelis show the various influences on the artists and their art. Note that it is easy to lose interest in the havelis and their recurring motifs but if you are really interested in the art of the region, consider heading to the following places too:. Such places are a few of the heritages remaining of the medieval era. Mandawa has several havelis, some grander than the others and some others in various states of disrepair.

State Bank of India in the main market of Mandawa is now housed in a haveli with a large metal grill covering the entire ground floor and the board above covering the jaaliwork. Many Thikanas had their own flags and emblems.

While the shrewd Marwari merchants traveled far and wide, they ensured they sent their vast fortunes back home not unlike the immigrant workers of Kerala do so in modern times. It is advised to stay in Mandawa or Churu or Ramgarh and explore all the villages as day trips. Now abandoned and empty, this shekhawari serves as a play area for kids. December 4, at Vishnu is making colours by grinding the Hansraj stones which are sourced from mountain areas and are expensive.

Application of a brilliant blue colour, made from indigo, helps in adding contrast and highlight to the paintings.

Learn how your comment data is processed. The arrival of the British brought better protection for life and property, technological advancements from Europe and the opening of global trade via sea routes. As we walk in the lanes, he tells me most of the Havelis are out of bounds to visitors.

These ordinary people doing extraordinary work are keeping the soul of this place alive. This suggests that the term came in use about two and half centuries ago. As decades passed, the region attracted merchants from the neighboring Marwari community who set up their homes here.

Main entrance suekhawati Morarka Haveli showing the grand architecture for which Shekhawati is famous. In their claims to certain privileges led to a series of clashes between them and the Rajputs, who resisted their attempts to revise accepted signs of status.


Most of their havelis are either abandoned or locked up and a few have been left in the hands of the caretakers. The frescos include images of gods, goddesses, animals, and the life of the lords Rama and Krishnaprofusely painted on the havelis havelid this region. Most of these giant doorways had paintings of the merchants in the the arches. Hacelis the families began moving out of the region to newer centers of businesses, most of their havelis were abandoned and locked up.

One minute you are speeding on the National highway and the other minute you have entered a narrow, dusty road that takes you into a labyrinth of old, dilapidated buildings. Then there is the Mohan Lal Saraf Haveli that features yavelis intricate mirror-and-mosaic work as well as some stunning portraits and paintings and the Jhunjhunwala Haveli pictured abovewhich has a room that has been painted in pure gold.

This is truly mind boggling… Treasure troves of art and craft.

The Havelis of Shekhawati – The Bum who Travels

Have something to add to this story? However Mahansar does boast of a fort which is now a heritage hotel and the Sone ki Dukan or the Shop of Goldwhich has tales from the Hindu mythology being painted in gold.

The haveli features some spectacular mirror mosaics especially in the antechamber as well as painting with religious motifs on the outer courtyard. On the door lintel and just above it on the wall, there are images of Lord Ganesha.