Editorial Reviews. Review. Ed Abbey’s novel, The Monkey Wrench Gang, Hayduke Lives! (Edward Abbey Series Book 4) – Kindle edition by Edward Abbey. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones. Hayduke Lives! has ratings and reviews. Geoff said: The follow-up to the eco-warrior’s bible The Monkey-Wrench Gang has our heroes once again c. Hayduke Lives! has ratings and reviews. Andy said: I wanted to find out what happened next to the gang but after a few chapters I felt like I w.

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The civil disobeyers flask signs, butts and bullets abbeh stop the attack on Nature. His heroes are not pretty, they are bellicose and belligerent, and given to much cussing and ill-talk. Skeezier, dirtier, bloodier, and much more pointed in its criticisms of the industrial model than The Monkey Wrench Gang, yet Hayduke Lives!

Hayduke Lives! (Monkey Wrench Gang, #2) by Edward Abbey

It’s likely that it wasn’t quite finished at his death and that this explains some of its rough edges. That said the chapter concerning Bishop Love discussing him marrying Ginny as a second eward with Mabel was very touching. Chris rated it did not like it Feb 24, Fervent admirers of the Abbey oeuvre will not have doubted this contention for a moment.

He seemed to sense that people need to be shocked awake in order to react to the troubles of the world. Doc Sarvis, the genial cardiologist who burned billboards and financed the environmentally minded livrs business of the original gang, has settled down.

Please provide an email address. Kind of a hhayduke book might be Ecotopia Rising by Ernest Callenbach. Want to Read saving….


That said, the final chapters may have been written in priority and contain, in my opinion, the better chunk of writing a It is fanfiction shorts by the author. Trivia About Hayduke Lives!

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. John rated it did not like it Nov 18, This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat Jun 17, Richp rated it liked it. John rated it did not haysuke it Dec 05, The book starts with a fantastically taught first chapter with old man yayduke trying to outrun the mechanised monsters and I did feel genuinely gutted when he didn’t make it. Cover text In Edward Abbey’s critically acclaimed bestseller, The Monkey Wrench GangGeorge Washington Hayduke — ex-Green Beret and “wilderness avenger, industrial development saboteur, night-time trouble-maker, barroom brawler, free-time lover” — was last seen clinging to a cliff, under fire from both a helicopter and a posse.

Rider rated it did not like it Jan 31, Does this book offer anything that the first one didn’t? John rated it did not like it Sep 15, Mark ORourke rated it did not like it Jan 05, Monkey Wrench Gang 2 by Edward Abbey.

The critique of modern culture takes on a life of its own, almost out of the hands o I’ve heard a lot of criticism that the sequal was not as good as “The Monkey Wrench Gang”, honestly, I think they are pretty well on par with one another. It was published posthumously in in a mildly unfinished state, as Abbey did not complete revision prior to his death.

The author has also written Desert Solitaire and Fool’s Progress. At least with Cujo I read it from cover to cover but this poor excuse of abbeg sequel I cannot even bring to words my disappointment.

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Hayduke Lives!

Jan 26, Andy rated it did not like it. It is the Promised Land of abundant beauty and resources that invites exploitation.

Didn’t like the feel of the book – felt smart-alecky and erudite at the same time. Did The Monkey Wrench Gang need a sequel? Still, I liked it. Husband of fellow monkey-wrencher Bonnie Abzug, father of one son with another on the wayhe has become a peaceful, bike-riding pediatrician who nurses powerful love-hate memories of George Hayduke, the ex-Green Beret ringleader of the gang who wanted hayduk keep edwagd American Southwest “”as it was.

In a way it was fun to meet Hayduke and the Gang again but this book is not as well written as The Monkey-Wrench Gang and a bit too long. The sequel to the Monkeywrench Gang is nothing as good as the first, but still surprisingly good. Sep 05, Jason rated it liked it.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I’m putting it down now to pick up a classic that I hope will purge this lousy book from my mind. There were some parts that irked me — Bonnie’s drawn-out feminist rant is not enjoyable to read though it might have been necessary for Abbey to clear the air with all those sexism charges ; grumbled as I realized the only blatantly gay character had AIDS; and Abbey’s character assassination of Murray Bookchin.

May 31, Stevahkno Fwaurmo rated it really liked it.