Heathkit SAA product reviews by real people like you. ONE OF THE BEST HEATHKIT PRODUCTS EVER, and ONE OF THE BEST MANUAL TUNERS. Download HEATHKIT SAA-CAL CALIBRATION PROCEDURE FOR SA- A ANTENNA TUNER SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Heathkit SAA Manual. Complete page assembly and instruction manual for the SA antenna tuner. Contains assembly notes, parts list, assembly.

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Heathkit SA A Deluxe Antenna Tuner (+ Parts + Schem.) (manual)

Anything less is a steal unless major s-2060a or component failure has occurred. It almost seems this was an oversight in the Heathkit build manual. Like the this SAA also is a simple “T-match” tuner, but it has switched antenna inputs and has a self-contained “RF power detector” in the rear box. I thought the best tunner I have ever owned was the dentron mt until I have used this one. No battery or external power required!

The crank knob on the Palstar does get you there faster though. The snap position tends to twist and allowing the wafer switch in the back to get out of alignment. In this case I am into working on two of Heath’s most popular antenna tuners.

No “cold solder” joints and an all around nice job. I prefer not to have any electronic circuit boards inside a manual tuner as these are just another series of components to potentially burn out in the event high output power is run, when something isn’t tuned quite right. By the way, my rig is a Flex Radio A and an Ameritron It manuual too easy to forget where parts go or are connected.


It had to be epoxied back in before the project continued.

Heath kit SA-2060A Manual

Hfathkit with any good piece of gear, maint. To get to the roller requires some “disassembling. She had sold his main rig, power supply, antenna, key etc.

Since I do not jump from one band to another, this tuner is now used everyday and tunes my horizontal skyloop antenna perfectly from to 6 meters. Take the time to distinguish between the quality of a device versus the condition you happen to find it in. The Palstar has “electronics” inside, where the Heathkit doesn’t.

Heathkit SA-2060A Manual

This has a very firm and heavy snap to the band switch now and will never lose its alignment. We can pull an “old timer’s” trick by reversing the coil. These internal meters are just as good as the readings taken on an external Bird meter.

This will place nice clean, unpitted coil on the end when tuned to the higher freqs, and likely on the lower ones the roller will never get to the pitted end. First it is necessary to remove the input capacitor to get to the roller, and then remove the roller! sa-200a

I can load up my 43ft vertical on m and tune it to a SWR of 1. But after using the round Heathkit heathkut, I find it actually provides for a very smooth precision feel and operation similar to a VFO knob.


No manufactured capacitors in these home built Heath tuners. The band switch needs some attention in this unit.

Have had about 4 of these over the years and they all work well. I bought mine from the estate of a friend who recently passed. I replaced the hardware with standard computer case screws and torqued them down with a Philipscareful though, or the brass couplings may strip out.

The “red object” in the foreground is what Heath supplied to put nuts in tight places. I suggest having a small box or pan to keep all the screws and washers and nuts together as you disassemble a piece of gear. Im going to write a review not to help the reputation of this unit mahual to hit on something I have not seen anyone talk about yet. The black square push buttons on the Heathkit seem heavy duty.

A battleship example of a tuner. However, the heafhkit meters on the Heathkit are very clear and easy to see. But then again, this is a Heathkit and therefore it is extremely easy to add a simple phono plug on the back of this tuner, a few wires inside for 12v lighting and your done. heathkkit

The Heathkit tuner resembles amplifier equipment in terms of physical size.