HO2S – Heated Oxygen Sensor. IAT – Intake Air Temperature. ISO – International Standards Organization OBDII communication mode, used by Chrysler. List of supported OBD-II parameters and sensors by OBD Auto Doctor OBD2 scantool software. $14 – $1B, Oxygen sensor output voltage, Short term fuel trim. Oxygen Sensor Drive Cycles The following are some sample drive cycle requirements for the oxygen sensor monitor to run: Ford: The monitor should run when.

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The three categories monitored on a ‘continuous’ basis are misfire, fuel trim and comprehensive components.

OBD-II Acronyms and Jargon

Turbocharger Temperature A and B Turbocharger compressor inlet temperature Turbocharger compressor outlet temperature Turbocharger turbine outlet temperature. Get Free Email Updates.

Allows learning for the misfire monitor. This byte is what is called “priority”, and is usually a value of 6C hex or 68 hhego. Do not leave the key on prior to the cold start or the heated oxygen sensor diagnostic may not run. So, here comes the need for OBD to provide a universal inspection and diagnosis method to be sure the car is performing to the required standards. Heto Motors implemented both a 5-pin connector and a 12pin connector, with the 12 pin connector being used in the vast majority of GM cars, while Lotus implemented a pin connector.

Screenshot capture for later view or PC download. There is a separate section with more on catalytic converters later.

Requirements for emission-related systems. Only the parameters supported by the car will be shown in the software.


He wont be able to work on my car, but he told me I could text him if I didn’t receive contact from any other mechanics. This will perform the same diagnostics as in the first Deceleration.

Unlike earlier OBD systems that only set a diagnostic trouble code DTC when a sensor circuit experienced heego gross failure such as a short, open or over voltage, OBD II sets codes if a fault has the potential of causing emissions to rise.

GM uses a two-part oxygen sensor monitor. During this time, in addition to the diagnostics performed in step 4, the catalyst monitor diagnostics will be performed. Obey all traffic laws while performing drive cycles. If the converter obbd doing its job, there should be little unburned oxygen left in the exhaust as it exits the converter. Avoid sharp turns and hills during this period.

The CJ4 is the only automotive tool that really works on the main three steps of diagnostics within the vehicle: The MIL is only allowed to extinguish when obbd same fault has not been detected on three successive driving cycles. A general look for these sensor and components is provided in the next page figure The CAN standard is newly emerging. Enhanced codes P1 codeswhich are special OEM codes for specific vehicle applications, provide additional information and often cover ik related failures that occur outside the engine control system.

Sensor 1 – 3.

P0174 OBD-II Trouble Code: System Too Lean (Bank 2)

Generally, the OBD-II system is required to illuminate the MIL after the same fault has been found in two different driving cycles, which helps to ovoid MIL illumination for random faults or abnormal conditions.


Another view to the connector itself is shown in figure The test simulates city driving after the vehicle has been parked overnight.


The manufacturers must further maintain the emission standards of the cars for the useful life of the vehicle. The reason is this information was not available for that year on some cars. GM Driving Cycle A complete driving cycle should perform diagnostics on all systems. The software provides the capability to read and display fault codes and system data. The lambda sensor is an electrical sensor mounted inside the exhaust system which can measure how well the combustion is occurring inside the engine.

Do not leave the key on prior to the cold start or the heated oxygen sensor diagnostic may not run. Choices here include ultrasonic leak detectors that listen for sound waves produced by air or vapors escaping through an opening, smoke detectors that generate smoke which allows leaks to be spotted visually, and dye detectors that use a visible or ultraviolet dye to reveal leaks.

Capabilities range from very limited to very good. Executes the EGR Monitor. Do not shift, touch the brake or clutch. The determining factor as to whether or not the Check Engine light comes on is usually the effect on emissions. The EVAP monitor should be complete. This may take some time because some monitors require specific driving conditions before they will run.