Without her devotion to this task the present publication would not have been possible. Agni Yoga Society is honored to present the Letters of Helena Roerich as. Truly great things are better seen from a distance. This is exactly what happened to the creative heritage of a Russian philosopher and writer Helena I. Roerich. Helena Ivanovna Roerich (–) by ICR The truly great is always seen from a distance. As regards the Russian philosopher and writer Helena Roerich’s .

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The Living Ethics created by Helena Helenz in cooperation with a group of Teachers-Mahatmas, penetrated the entire creative legacy of all members of this unique family. The original edition of this book was published in Russian in by the Latvian Roerich Society in Riga.

Without any false modesty, I can say that I am justly proud of my sons.

Thus, bearing in mind roericy significance of thought and of irritability, we shall commence the creating of a benevolent atmosphere. We need the wings of love and trust in the Leading Hand, the wings of joy in the Great Service.

The coming epoch brings knowledge about this great omnipresent energy, which is manifested in all immortal creations of human genius. I grieve when the self-assertive pupil acts arrogantly. But when the Origins are called to create and give life, it is impossible to remove one of the Origins without self-destruction.

Writers and artists of all ages dedicate their best inspirations to these distant images. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Do not the heat-lightnings already flash out, and are not the ominous messengers of the awakened subterranean fire breaking through? Verily, selfishness is narrowness, but narrowness leads to stagnation and death, while the Cosmos exists by the principle of Infinity.


When by the law of the Cosmic Magnet the lower forms are subordinated to the higher, this concerns only hrlena energies which should be transmuted.

When will this be understood by people? But when the foundations impede the mutual attraction, the dome is subject to unbalanced tremors; thus, the foundations can either affirm or destroy the work. But let roerichh the woman who has realized this law, and who strives heelena equilibrium, let her not lose the beauty of the feminine image; let her not lose tenderness of heart, subtlety of feelings, the self-sacrifice and the courage of patience.

The great time predicted long ago has come.

Letters of Helena Roerich I

In approaching this Source, this leading Principle of Synthesis, humanity will find the way to real evolution. Thus, Roerich’s family moved to New York City. Only refinement of all feelings brings the best possibilities.

The name of this very philosophy — the Living Ethics — unites man and Cosmos into a single spiritual system. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Helena Roerich. We must have the beautiful, constructive formulae ready. There in London, inH. In simplicity one can build the greatest Temple.

Only the energies which are based on the attraction of the heart are vital. They will ask thee how to traverse life. Woman, the bearer of sacred knowledge, can become a calling power, kindling with fiery words the souls that are ready. It is true that the trouble lies in the absence of synthesis and that much energy and valuable studies are lost. You will find many wonderful formulae in it. He forewarns, but delays not.


Even in the short span of a hundred years we see that a great deal has attained its own balance.

Helena Roerich

What can be higher and more beautiful than cooperation for the General Good of the culture of nations! Also, other unexplored springs and salt lakes, which have various properties according to the statements of local inhabitants. Often your calls reach me. All uelena words about it and about its achievements will be void of conviction if we ourselves do not light the fires of our own hearts. Therefore, the Cosmos exists in the attraction of the heart. The element of attraction marks ehlena the path for all the propelled energies.

There exist only two possibilities: Roerich grew up and was educated in rich cultural traditions of her family. Although Helena was an active participant, few rowrich details are known except that she never stopped writing, teaching, and helping others.

Roerich to translate into Russian Helenaa Secret Doctrine — an outstanding work by Helena Blavatskythe founder of the Theosophical Society, and selected letters of the Mahatmas.

The Hierarch carries the Synthesis of the Chalice and, therefore, He holds both obedience and command.

From morning till night everything was performed doerich the benefit of humanity. The king of spirit sees all as beautiful and thus calls to life the best there is. Her heritage is inexhaustible.