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The Story of Mankind Van Loon | eBay

Since it was written nearly one hundred years ago, I will exercise some restraint. What I disliked about this book: How very plain-spoken and Dutch of him: The bloodier the better, and wars in the name of religion took a special importance to him.

We’ll see how many make it into this review. It had its good moments. Lewis been referring to a history book in “The Abolition of Man,” I certainly would guess he was talking about this piece of rubbish. Dec 23, Katie rated it it was ok Shelves: After writing a favorable review of H. I did find it a mite frustrating when the topics Henxrik did want to know more about were only a few pages long.

Is this book historically accurate? Pocket Book Edition, 8th Printing, November, Newbery Medal recipient Ambition was the main-spring of his life If you’ll read this quote, you’ll know whether or not you’d like the book. Jan 07, Michael Scotto rated it it was ok Shelves: But he was trying to just move quickly from the start of man to WW Been there 26 years. Okay, so this actually got pretty engaging and I see why it won the Newbery. I am confident each and every one of them will be better than this one.


As an wi,lem view of basic Western civilization, and the great men of Europe, it really is not that bad at all, although it is so purely historical it fails largely to engage the issues of the modern reader. Don’t read, but wait until you have a chance to hear a good artist sing the song called The Two Grenadiers. Of course, history holds the answer to all of these questions. There’s nothing too heavy, so a child could climb this mountain if they did it in small bits.

Delightful, detailed line drawings accompany the text. But it is always been something I wanted to do.

Quotes from The Story of Mankind. He executed prisoners of wjllem in Egypt in who had been promised their lives, and he quietly allowed his wounded in Syria to be chloroformed when he found it impossible to transport them to his ships And if he were to write it today, I’m sure he would write other countries tge cultures in because the world has changed so dramatically since WW1. This is the history of the world with no sources cited.

The Story of Mankind

The Story of Mankind. With a school librarian as a mother I’m sure I would have been introduced to it, and I would have lapped it up. That being said, the book was very dense, mostly very boring, and I would not recommend it to anyone unless you have taken on the senseless project of reading all the Newbery winners.

The story of mankind apparently does not include anyone of color, the majority of Africa is excluded barring Egypt, and China is only introduced during the first world war?

I have finished The Book. Makes history more than palatable. I almost threw the book out the window when about three fourths of the way through it he started apologizing for all of the people he left out and offended because he had to take liberties with deciding on subject matter based on importance.


While storry edition I read had been updated to include events branching into the 21st century, and the parts written by John Merriman were more balanced and less patronizing, I still find it hard to believe that at any point in time this was considered the paragon of children’s literature.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. If I was going to use it for children, I would skip the first mankund or so chapters, perhaps even using only the chapters that cover about A.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It has left us an unpleasant heritage of ill-will which promises litttle good for the immediate future. Of course, van Loon is a Dutch American, and his bias toward As an atheist view of looon Western civilization, and the great men of Europe, it really is not that bad at all, although it is so purely historical it fails largely to engage the issues of the modern reader.

Not so much of a polite and respectful bow there. The author wrote it as if he was speaking directly to his children, meeting them on their level and telling them the story of history.