The Triple Helix: University-Industry-Government Innovation In Action London: Routledge, (). Translations: Swedish (); Chinese (); Portuguese. The Triple Helix — University-Industry-Government Relations: A Laboratory for Knowledge Based Etzkowitz, Henry and Leydesdorff, Loet, The Triple Helix. PDF | On Jun 1, , Anders Broström and others published The Triple Helix: University–industry–government innovation in action – By Henry Etzkowitz.

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Universities and the Commercialization of Knowledge: Pathways to the Entrepreneurial University: From the Land Grant to the Entrepreneurial University.

The Americanization of Marx: The Road to Recovery: For instance, the model take for granted that knowledge intensive activities are linked to economic growth, that intellectual property rights will be etzkowktz, and that the state has a democratic and market oriented culture.

Public Venture Capital with Gulbrandsen and Levitt. The Paradox of Success: Fonster mot Framtiden Visions of the Future Stockholm: Henry Etzkowitz and Prof.

Henry Etzkowitz’ Publications

Universities in the Global Knowledge Economy. Etzkowitz and Leydesdorff argue that the initial role of universities is to provide education to individuals and basic research. From Entrepreneurial Science to Social Entrepreneurship. Autonomous or Dependent Technology? The Renascence of Sociological Theory.

Information Infrastructure for Healthcare: The dynamics of innovation: What Happened to Cybernetics? Entrepreneurial Scientists and the Capitalization of Knowledge.

On the one hand, when higher education is hellix public, as in continental western Europe, the government has a higher influence on universities and the research they conduct by being the main source of funding. Gender Inequality in Science: The triple helix model of innovation also blurred the boundaries of the traditional basic roles of university, industry and government.


Finding A Social Basis for U.

Science, Technology and the Entrepreneurial Spirit. The Making stzkowitz an Entrepreneurial University: Retrieved from ” https: This framework emphasizes a societal responsibility of universities, in addition to their role of educating and conduction research. Solar Versus Nuclear Energy: Braun and Merrien eds Towards a new model of governance for Universities London: According to Etzkowitz and Leydesdorff, this marks the second step in the triple helix of innovation framework.

Triple helix model of innovation

The growing interest and participation in the Triple Helix movement, lead also to the idea of creating an Association that is able to pull together and facilitate interactions among international scholars sharing common research interests. Etzkowitz and Leydesdorff’s model uses a spectrum to define the extent of these interactions. An EC Model for the U. Gender and Excellence in the Hennry. The Cold War and American science: Middletown and Middletown in Transition.

Triple helix model of innovation – Wikipedia

Riots Versus Reconciliation with SchaflanderBoston: Entrepreneurial Science in the Academy: The Dynamics of Universities, Science and Societies.

In a statist model, a strong state is driving interactions between the three components in a top-down implementation. El Auge de la Universidad Emprendedora. Loet Leydesdorff, began in when a workshop was organized in Amsterdam to discuss the Triple Helix model. The London event in brought the issue of open innovation and invited participants to challenge the Triple Helix model, while extending and deepening the application of the conceptuial aparatus, created as part of the evolution of the Triple Helix academic community.


Building on the triple helix model, the quadruple helix model adds a fourth component to the framework of interactions between university, industry and government: The annual conference in Madrid, Spain was focused on the cities of knowledge and the expanding knowledge and connecting regions.

Building the Entrepreneurial University: However, the average profitability of TTOs remains very low. The Business History Review.

Henry Etzkowitz’ Publications | Triple Helix Research Group

Frederick Terman’s Model for Regional Advantage”. The Electronic Focused Interview: Date format Pages with DOIs inactive since Is There a Fourth Helix? Further scholarly criticism of the model focuses on the conditions that enable the implementation of a triple helix innovation policy. In development for Harvard University Press. According to Etzkowitz, the triiple of people between university and industry constitutes a very important transfer of knowledge.

Polyvalent Knowledge and the Entrepreneurial University: