Connection to Metric Copper Pipe. Hep2O® fittings have been designed to form reliable joints with metric copper tube which conforms to BS EN – R accept copper as well as Hep2O® pipe, enabling systems to be mixed if required. Hep2O® is Acorn® system please contact our Technical Advisory Service. Hep20 Technical Read more about pipes, fittings, diameter, conduit, heating and plumbing.

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Other pipe materials in the same installation failed or corroded and had been replaced in the meantime. All materials on our website are shared by users. The second type of handbook is supported. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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So using a 10mm pipe to reduce the volume of cold water that needs to be run off looks like a good option, however I wish to be able to fill a sink in a reasonable time for doing the washing up. Other applications include domestic water heaters, electrical insulation, compression packaging, wire and cable, shoe soles, and polyolefin modification thermal bonding, enhancing softness and flexibility of rigid compounds, increasing twchnical resistance and compression set of soft compounds.

Posted July 13, edited. Register a new account. PB-1 generally resists chemicals such as detergents, oils, fats, acids, bases, alcohol, ketones, aliphatic hydrocarbons and hot polar solutions including water. Because of its specific properties it is mainly used in pressure piping, flexible packaging, water heaters, compounding and hot melt adhesives. Rodriguez-Amaya and Mieko Kimura.

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Please download to get full document. Because the chemical reaction of the water with the pipe occurs inside the pipe, it is often difficult to assess the extent of deterioration.


Technical handbook for Hep Already have an account? The overall market share in Europe and Asia is rather small but PB-1 piping systems have shown a steady growth in recent years. ChilliBob6 Sepin forum: Using the same calculations 15mm copper with a wall thickness of 1mm copper is usually techncial.

Do you know how to take account of the water loosing heat to the pipe? Retrieved from ” https: I used copper for the gas of course. Nige F 16 Dec Mind you not very likely in a radiator system huh? Polybutylene Names Other names polybutene-1, poly 1-butenePB Speedfit have just brought out there new layflat pipe so its even more flexible and easier technucal use.

Hep20 Technical Handbook – Product Range

Using 10mm pipe with a wall thickness of 1mm: The stove’s flue gasses reach around deg Tecunical, but I’ve no idea what temperature the backboiler water is? Other features include low noise transmission, low linear thermal expansion, no corrosion and calcification.

Book Institute of Materials. Failure wise there nothing between the two systems. Localized stress whitening of the material generally accompanies and precedes decomposition of the polymer. Posted July 15, edited.

If all pipes are lagged, and the pump is only operated when required a PIR near the sink? I just buy whatever happens to be cheapest and it all seems to play happily together. We are nonprofit website to share and download documents. I also agree the temp of the water is likely to be well below deg. Technicaal defines the performance requirements of PB-1 piping systems. Technical Handbook O-rings Update April The only thing that sways we towards John Guest the people who make speed fit rather than HEP20 is that you don’t require a tool to remove the fitting which in tight corners is a bonus.


PB-1, when applied as a pure or reinforced resincan replace materials like metal, rubber and engineering polymers. Do you already have an account?

Are long 10mm pipes to kitchen sink OK? | DIYnot Forums

Home Instruction manuals Hep20 Technical Handbook. That is handbokk true at atmospheric pressure at sea level and so Dependant on altitude,higher lowers the boiling point.

Hpe20 to what another said I’ve had no problems with the ringed inserts. There is evidence to suggest that the presence of chlorine and chloramine compounds in municipal water often deliberately added to retard bacterial growth will cause deterioration of the internal chemical structure of polybutylene piping and the associated acetal fittings. To calculate how long it would take for the water at 0m to pass through 10mm pipe at 10m: Handbook on TB laboratory diagnostic methods in the European Union.

However this does not seem right! PB-1 is a high molecular weight, linear, isotacticand semi-crystalline polymer. To the running of this website, we need your help to support us. Thermoplastic Duroplast Corrugated plastic Polymeric foam High performance plastics.

Polybutylene plumbing was used in several million homes built in the United States from to the mids.

However I wish the water to be quickly at a useful temperature. So about half the time is due to heat loses into the copper of the pipe — this is clearly less of an issue with plastic pipes. Share This Page Tweet. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.