HERNIAS DE LA PARED ABDOMINAL ZONAS DEBILES DE LA PARED ABDOMINAL 1. Hernia epigástrica. 2. Hernia umbilical. 3. Hernia. Objective: Spigelian hernia is an uncommon abdominal wall defect. La técnica quirúrgica dependerá de las características del paciente, la hernia y la. H. epigástrica. . TÉCNICA LAPAROSCÓPICA• visualizar el defecto de la hernia y la anatomía circundante con claridad y ampliación.

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Preperitoneal mesh repair of spigelian hernias under local anestesia: The first one allows to explore the contralateral side as well as the abdominal cavity and for some authors is the recommended method when there is another process requiring associated surgery because can be performed in the same intervention 6.

It is also called spontaneous lateral ventral hernia, hernia of semilunar epigasfrica, hernia of the conjoint tendon or interstitial ventral hernia. Mean hospital stay was 2. Twenty five patients To conclude we stress that diagnosis and treatment of Spigelian hernias is still a controversial matter, basically for the varied and uncommon presentation.

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The Spigelian hernia SH takes its name from the French anatomist Adriaan van Spieghel, who described the semilunar line for the first time in Department of General Surgery I. Rev Esp Enferm Dig ; 99 9: Only a small percentage of SH 0.

There are no significant differences in literature about their right or left tecinca and there aren’t in our series either. Two treatment modalities can be used, transperitoneal so called intra-abdominal and extraperitoneal.


Vos D, Scheltinga M. Spigelian hernia in Spain. That case presented as an incarcerated Spigelian hernia but during ultrasonography exploration it got reduce. The hernia location is unknown in 5 of our patients as the medical history didn’t include this information, which is a frequent limitation of retrospective studies. Spigelian hernia appears between the fascia of the anterior rectus, internal oblique and wuirurgica abdominal muscles. The second modality of endoscopic treatment is the extraperitoneal approach that offers the advantage of avoiding general anesthesia so that can be performed easily as an outpatient procedure and also avoids the possible added risk of visceral lesions as demonstrates the only prospective randomized controlled trial comparing conventional versus laparoscopic management of Spigelian hernia Other common symptoms are nausea, vomiting and altered bowel rhythm although all these vary depending on hernia sac content.

The authors’ own experience and a review of the literature. A review of literature and our experience. That special location of SH contributes to hinder the diagnosis.

Nevarez Noboa and A. We present the results of our own series and a literature review.

Minerva Chir ; Mesh-free laparoscopic spigelian hernia repair. Popovici A, Munteanu I. The assessed parameters were as follows: Results Between January and December39 patients underwent surgery for Spigelian hernia. Clinical diagnosis does require a high index of suspicion.

Patients and methods We carried out a retrospective review yecnica patients operated on from to at our Hospital. Sometimes the way of presentation is a complication that requires emergency surgery.

Hernias de Spiegel: Nuestra experiencia y revisión de la literatura

Open hernioplasty followed by laparoscopic hernioplasty are the most frequent techniques performed. In two henia a bowel resection was needed because of incarceration although the hernia sac content found was usually preperitoneal fat or omentum. It occurs because of a weak area of spiegelian fascia which is localized between the semilunar line and epjgastrica lateral edge of the anterior rectus muscle.


Between January and December39 patients underwent surgery for Spigelian hernia. Laparoscopy is becoming more and more frequent and its advantages have already been demonstrated. Ann Surg ; 6: Diagnosis and management of Spigelian hernia: We do not completely agree with this opinion as we think a prosthetic material should not be implanted at the same time that any other surgical procedure with risk of wuirurgica.

Diagnosis of Spigelian hernia is basically clinic. Alicia Ruiz de la Hermosa. As other authors, we consider open surgery 6 as the technique of choice when incarceration is present although we have performed a laparoscopy approach in a patient who underwent an emergency surgery. Although congenital cases have been described the most of Spigelian hernias are acquired and some risk factors are related to it, such as obesity, COPD, presence of other hernias and abdominal traumas 2,3.

We present our series of patients with Spigelian hernia and a literature review.