May 14, This Pin was discovered by J-to-the-F. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Expanded Armory by GimmeYerGold. Written by GimmeYerGold from Ye Olde Inn: I’ve been working on this for a bit, with some helpful pointers. The American version are the newer version of HeroQuest. Armory The European version of HeroQuest contained cards for each type of equipment you could.

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You can get WinRAR 3 here: Weapon may attack diagonally 2H: The Board A bit difficult to play without a board, even if I think all of you who visit this page have it already. Is that an artifact I don’t remember? Also includes a PDF version for easy printing. Don’t touch that please, your primitive intellect wouldn’t understand alloys and compositions and things qrmory And you have some of them here.

Makes sense, becouse everybody will probably have to write down their inventory sooner or later, and keeping cards for everything is difficult. There is armorj one version of the Against the Ogre Horde book, so no worry about what to print or not. Cloak proficiency I would scrap, probably. He included everything from both the US and UK versions, added several new items, and made colored versions of all the potions. I think they should remain as an unlimited suply of arrows Guess I could disguise it as “family time.

Expansion – Wizards of Morcar 3.

Ye Olde Inn • View topic – Armory Additions: Equipment Upgrades & Proficiencies

Words are more fun to read when there are pictures! Tiles Look in the Quest Book for theese. Add to watch list.


To reduce the bandwidth on my server, it is better if you download this one if you plan to download it all. They look good, but I don’t know if I can see a Dwarf using the greatsword, as its probably 3 times his height, but thats just me.

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Ye Olde Inn

I guess it’s a good thing I’ve got 5 years until they are heroauest enough to give the game a go. HeroQuest Game Master http: Useful if you wish to create your own Hero Card. No longer can heroes just stick a barbarian in plate mail standing in a doorway with longsword weilding elf and dwarf beside him and a healing wizard behind him.

This scan is in amrory color and excellent quality. Thanks to Steve v1. Most of the quests are the same, but the monsters are tougher, and use herqouest “Chaos Spells” only available in the American version.

This Buy It Now listing has ended. Heroqquest make ranged attacks in any direction, but cannot attack adjacent foes. HeroScape introduces a rule called “engagement” that forces a character to remain adjacent to its opponent. Included with this quest are some new monsters and a Henchman who will assist the Heroes in overcoming the perils of the Tombs of the Phalanx.

This means that you can both use these to replace your old if you have the plastic topand you can also use these to create entirely new ones. Artifacts 10 Cards in total.


Will the land be saved from destruction? All Bradley Boruch scans are in excellent quality. If attacking normally, you may attack with a range of two squares, but you do not loose the weapon. Computer Games Back to Index. I recommend to print the American one. Some things I would point out to you in terms of how HeroQuest evolved into HeroScape, in case you want to consider it for your Armory or house rules when your kids get older.

Custom Armory | Hero Quest | Pinterest | Hero

Here it is if you’d like to check it out! Monsters 8 Cards in total. I agree with the higher prices. To that end, I was really interested in seeing your expanded Armory armry I have to say I’m impressed.

I feel like HQ weapons should be heeoquest like this. I like the equipment improvements. Thanks to Steve again. Most recently added weapon in our game was the assassin’s dagger, which costs gc.

Some of the proficiencies are to encourage purchasing certain items, while others are for possible custom hero variations; bare-handed fighting, for instance, and for the shield proficiency, I borrowed Seb’s knight character skill Most of this is really to offer the heroes more ar,ory to blow their gold on, and to also give them a sense of advancement without making things too complicated.