Hesketh Prichard, Writer: Don Q Son of Zorro. Other Works: Novel (as Vernon Hesketh Prichard): “November Joe, Detective of the Woods”. See more». Edit. Hesketh Vernon Hesketh Prichard was a contemporary of the Antarctic explorer Apsley Cherry-Garrard (assistant zoologist, British Antarctic Expedition. Hesketh-Prichard was a hunter, explorer, cricketer, author and soldier. As a club land author he found fame as a fiction writer: his most famous.

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Of course no telescopic sight should ever be touched, except as far as moving the focussing sleeve goes, by anyone who does not understand it thoroughly. Inwriting on his own, Hesketh-Prichard created the crime-fighting figure November Joea hunter and backwoodsman from the Canadian wilderness. I had been so keen on my work that I had not pushed the matter of getting my appointment regularized, but now I realized that its tenure might become very insecure.

Alfgar was recruited to the Special Operations Hes,eth during the Second World War, where he became the first head of its Czech Section, training agents to conduct the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich.

At the time of which I write, the Corps hdsketh formed the First Army were the nth, the 1st and the 4th. I had a look at his sight, which was a tap-over fitting, and seeing that it was a little out of alignment I questioned the sniper as to how much he knew about his weapon. Army Headquarters had moved away, and there was now only the Town Major and one or two A. He continued to write and hunt when his health permitted him.

The time I spent at home was not, however, wasted, as I was able to collect large numbers of telescopes and get the various courses for sniping instruction written down, which was useful, as I was continually receiving applications for a syllabus from units outside the Third Army. This was, no doubt, a very wrong thing to do, but when you have no ” establishment,” you can have no conscience either, or, at least, if you allow yourself such a luxury you will find that your job becomes impossible.

Only those who have been in a trench opposite Hun snipers that had the mastery, know what a hell life can be made under these conditions.

When I went out in May,I took with me several telescopic-sighted rifles, which were either my own property or borrowed from friends. Such were the difficulties of the keen officer when the opposite number of the relieving battalion was a ” dud. It was therefore a great satisfaction to me upon my arrival from the battlefields of the Somme in the autumn of to find Major Hesketh-Prichard’s School firmly established in the First Army area, thanks in a great measure to the support and encouragement of Lieut.


Hesketh Prichard collection – Archives Hub

Some of those who wanted to give the dummy head a specially life-like appearance, placed a cigarette in its mouth, and smoked it through prrichard rubber tube. It was during this period of leave that he learned that he had been awarded the Distinguished Service Order[45] for his work with the First Army School of Sniping, Observation, and Scouting. Examining the enemy line was enthralling work, as he had, even at that time, begun his campaign of skilled concealment, and was apt to set periscopes in trees, and steel boxes in all sorts of positions.

Prichare use of snipers in attack is another point. Original Section of Parapet Dramnys bii] 2.


Already we had prichhard together an immense amount of detail concerning the German sniping organization and had begun not only to challenge his superiority, but also to enforce our own.

At that time there were ten or fifteen patterns of these sights in the Army, and each officer on the course had to learn to manipulate every one of them. Whenever I went to the line I took with me, if it was possible, a telescopic-sighted rifle, and I found that both brigades and battalions were soon applying to me to lend prichwrd rifles.

Hesketh-Prichard’s biography was written two years after his death by his friend Eric Parker, who encapsulated his many accomplishments within its title: The third was when the Germans had fairly gone to ground and would no longer give us a chance.

READERS of this book must realize the necessarily very narrow and circumscribed point of view from which it is written.

prichardd He was supposed to live hesket a pollarded willow, one of a row not very far from Jacob’s Ladder, which will be remembered by all who were on that front in From the ruined house or the field of decaying roots, sometimes resting their rifles on the bodies of the dead, they sent forth a plague of head-wounds into the British lines.

On the far side of Aire we took the Lambres and St. The Institute may be able to provide copies of some documents on request for lodgement in publicly available repositories. Entering the Army with no illusions regarding the native British talent with regard to sniping Hesketh-Prichard immediately set about improving what he regarded as its deplorable standard.

Author:Hesketh Vernon Hesketh-Prichard

I remember that we once very nearly decided upon a queer little hill, not very far from Hinges, called Mont Bernenchon, but luckily we went on further and at last came to the village of Hseketh. Archived from the original PDF on 31 May For this purpose in some of our later attacks a sniper carried armour-piercing ammunition, and did not shoot at the machine-gunners, but at the machine-gun itself. These objects are shown heskteh fifteen seconds each from a trench, and those under instruction have to write a list of what they can see with a telescope from or yards away.


I examined the elevating drum, and saw that it was set for one hundred yards. That the Germans were ready for a sniping campaign is clear enough, for at the end of there were already 20, telescopic sights in the German Army, and their snipers had been trained to use them. Gray, being signed to do so by his guide, looked over, only to be saluted at about ten yards’ range with a bullet which whizzed by his ear.

At the outbreak of the First World WarHesketh-Prichard tried for a commission in the Black Watch and Guardsbut both turned him down because of his age, then A History of Nature Conservation in Britain.

In such cases the archivist will advise about any requirements imposed by the owner. IT may fairly be claimed that when hostilities ceased on November 11th,we had outplayed Germany at all points of the game. The grass species Poa prichardii was named after Hesketh-Prichard after he brought back a specimen.

Daniel Fraser of Leith Street Terrace, Edinburgh, the well-known firm of gun and rifle makers, whose work on telescopic sights stands so deservedly high. Details of conditions and fees may be had from the Archivist. Competition FC Matches As a club land author he found fame as a fiction writer: His tastes were even more varied with the rifle, and he thought the stalking and shooting of seals the ultimate sporting endeavour.

Two years later he was dead, killed by blood poisoning suffered during his wartime service. Number 1 Flat Parapet- The flat Parapet is the easiest to make and the easiest to spot enemys behind or inbetween the holes where their guns are positioned. It was not only the number of the enemy that our snipers shot that was so important.

As far as we could make out, the greater part of the town drainage seemed to be at no great distance under the ground in which we had to dig. In fact, I remember a commercial joy-rider who was visiting the school, and whom I was showing round, on seeing two of the boys doing ju-jitsu, saying with infinite tact: For this purpose, arrangements were made with different battalions to receive them.

This stick was inserted in the groove and the dummy head slowly pushed up above our parapet.