Aaron Copland is an Academy Award-winning composer (The Heiress ()), author, Hitchhiker Munchkins (Short) (writer: “Rodeo – Hoe, Down”). Copland’s aim was to produce an American-flavoured type of Classical music, as European composers had done a century earlier. Rodeo is a ballet composed by American 20th Century composer, Aaron Copland in There are 4 movements, (sections), i) Buckaroo Holiday, ii) Corral.

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Daily Download: Aaron Copland – Rodeo: Hoe-Down

Grouped according to ability Grouped according to instrument type ‘Short score’ in C, grouped according to ability There are three ability levels — beginner, intermediate Grades and Grades It’s What’s For Dinner “. With the middle section removed, the composition resembled the symphonic form with an ambitious opening movement, slow hiedown, minuet and finale. A hoedown is a dance competition that is often described as noisy and riotous.

Watch the full performance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It adds a simple rhythm layer to each piece. Copland learned piano with his sister and started writing down ideas at the age of 8. The choreographer was given considerable creative control, choosing Aaron Copland hoedow the composer after being impressed by his previous ballet, Billy the Kid. Upload creative response zaron to showcase your pupils’ work.

Rodeo – Hoe-Down by Aaron Copland

In the 21st century, hiedown list includes: The ballet makes use of riding movements that Agnes de Mille devised with the assistance of Peggy van Praaghfor a recital aaro London by Peggy van Praagh and Hugh Laing in Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Edit Personal Details Other Works: How much of Aaron Copland’s work have you seen?

Flute parts can be played by the violins Oboe parts can be played by the flutes and violins Trumpet parts in Bb can hoedowm played by the clarinets Violin parts can be played by the flutes except when in the lowest register The ‘percussion’ part is a beginner part and can be played on any drum. Which villain would come out on top? How Much Have You Seen? In what is considered one of the earliest examples of a truly American ballet, Rodeo combines the exuberance of a Broadway musical with the disciplines of classical ballet.


This quiet theme continues until hoevown Rodeo theme begins presenting a highly rhythmic motif that evokes the trotting of horses. Meanwhile, Copland arranged the music as a symphonic suite for orchestra titled Four Dance Episodes from Rodeowhich consisted chiefly of removing “Ranch House Party” and minor adjustments to heodown final two sections.

Play the piece with simplified parts All parts have been designed to work together to enable mixed-ability groups to perform together. Download the Hoe-Down MP3. Drop Dead Gorgeous Soundtrack.

Download all the music in this year’s repertoire. This page was last edited on 9 Octoberat At Bob Dylan ‘s performances during his ” Never-Ending Tour “, he is introduced by his stage manager reading a short biography with “Hoe-Down” playing in the background. He Got Game Soundtrack. With the passing of Agnes deMille inownership and all rights to Rodeo passed to her son, Jonathan Prude.

His music is said to ‘sound like America’ and often features a large, open sound like the vast American prairiesand complex rhythms like cowboys on horseback.

As de Mille found herself occupied with instructing a highly international cast in the mannerisms of American cowboys, Copland recommended that Oliver Smith design the sets, [1] in what would prove to be a prescient action. After his death from Alzheimer’s disease he left most of his fortune to the Aaron Copland Fund for Composers which supports young composers and performing groups.

With the exception of a few companies to whom Agnes deMille had, years before, given the ballet in perpetuity, Sutherland has staged Rodeo over fifty times for dozens of companies and universities throughout the United States and Canada as well as in Antwerp, Belgium, and continues to do so. InPrude set up the deMille Committee to oversee her numerous works and assigned sole responsibility for staging Rodeo to Sutherland, including the selection of dancers, rehearsals and stage production.

For the next several years, several people staged the ballet. A certain amount of simplification has been required to adapt the pieces for mixed-ability. Indeed, she had already blocked the entire show before Copland had written a single note [1] and also transcribed several folk tunes, including “Old Paint”, for Copland in addition to her blocking notes.


In the early days of the Western square dance revival the s and early smost hoedowns were traditional fiddle tunes; since the late s, recordings of simple chord progressions, with no discernible melody, have also been sold to callers under the name “hoedown.

Copland’s “Hoe-Down” became even more famous through television advertisements by America’s Beef Producers with the slogan ” Beef. De Mille herself played the lead, and the premiere at the Metropolitan Opera House on 16 October received 22 curtain calls.

Though de Mille herself was not entirely pleased with the premiere, it was attended by Rodgers and Hammersteinwho approached de Mille afterward to request that she choreograph their upcoming production of Oklahoma! Soundtrack Music Department Composer. Though Copland was initially reluctant to compose “another Cowboy ballet,” De Mille persuaded him that this show would mark a significant departure from his previous work.

Though many of Copland’s works incorporate traditional American folk tunes, Rodeo is unique in that it leaves them quite intact in the score, with very little alteration on the part of the composer. Compositions by Aaron Copland. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Daily Download: Aaron Copland – Rodeo: Hoe-Down | Classical MPR

Up toRodeo was staged mainly by deMille and Vernon Lusby, for many years one of her most trusted assistants on numerous projects. The symphonic version omits “Ranch House Party”, leaving the other sections relatively intact. Expectant of a partner and finding none, the Cowgirl is araon until the Champion Roper approaches her, having failed to best the Wrangler in winning the affections of the Rancher’s Daughter.

To save to your computer: Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. Arvin Brown was director. De Mille retained veto power over any casting of the ballet, which often sent companies to extremes in order to find a worthy Cowgirl.