Mark Virkler: “4 Keys to Hearing God – You Can Hear God’s Voice! Mark is known for helping people to hear the voice of God for themselves. 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice has ratings and 15 reviews. Christy said: Years ago I began writing letters to God and receiving answers from God throu. Mark Virkler’s teaching on the four keys to hearing God’s voice has helped hundreds of thousands of people of every age on every continent.

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That said, I really enjoyed how Mark Virkler took a practical approach to hearing God’s voice – giving concrete examples and suggestions of what to do and how to train yourself to open your ear to ovice voice of God. I continued to write the spontaneous thoughts that came to me: What an incredible way to live! And I sincerely doubted that satan would encourage me to love anyone unconditionally! So I wrote down what I believed He had said: Shamrock Goff rated it liked it Nov 27, The crucial thing is that you use all four keys at one time!

Mark Virkler: “4 Keys to Hearing God – You Can Hear God’s Voice!”

May sound complicated, but entirely simple. Journaling will help you get to know God personally, but knowing what the Bible says about Him will help you discern what words are from Him. What did God’s voice sound like? Oct 08, Adrienna rated it really liked it Hpw This gift is the powerful supernatural ability to hear and see into the spiritual realm, yet many people who have it may think they are crazy. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


Some prophets do not realize they make mistakes and not always from God, therefore, this area helps them see the light p. You can know and discern the will of God for your life. Events are subject to change at the ministry’s discretion. Words from the Lord will quicken your faith and increase your love, peace, and joy.

Shawn Bolz Voce by: Journaling He says, on page The keys that are examined, discussed in detail, and can be immediately applied to your life are: Christina Mitchell rated it it was ok Sep 05, Apr 11, Audrey rated it it was amazing.

Hearing God’s Voice

Through revelatory teaching, supernatural stories, and a refreshing, down-to-earth approach, Mark Virkler and his daughter Charity will help you identify the priceless messages with which the Lord has infused your dreams. I’ve been enjoying hearing from God, been enjoying this relationship!!

Operating in marj Courts of Heaven By: When you’re worried or confused, wouldn’t you love to see the situation from His perspective and hear how He wants you to respond? With appropriate Scripture references, anecdotes, lots of examples, warnings, instruction and exercises they gov hearing God’s voice through utilising all of the four keys of 1 quietening oneself, 2 employing vision, 3 tuning in to the spontaneity and flow of the Holy Spirit and 4 journalling.

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They can subscribe just below Totally upgraded my understanding of spiritual things!

4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice

I have found that obeying this final principle amplified my confidence in my ability to hear God’s voice so that I could finally make living out of His initiatives a way of life. Mark Virkler helps you rediscover the simplicity of hearing from heaven and reminds you that the ultimate source of divine revelation, supernatural peace, and spiritual direction is sitting on your shelf marj the Bible.

What is the problem, or better yet, what is the solution? I felt slightly stupid not to have realized this in advance, and would probably have finished the book ages ago if I had. My entire planned lecture was forgotten.

4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice by Mark Virkler

John Alan Martinson Jr. Sadly, many Christ-followers experience constant defeat during their time on Earth.

Jamie Galloway Narrated by: