Perform Ablution or Wudu. Before starting prayer, you should perform Wudu to ensure you’re clean. How do I pray salat al istikhara, at what times, and are there special dua has to make, then let him pray two rakahs of non-obligatory prayer. How to do Istikhara? Suggestions from God – Salah tul Istikhara. Click here for After finishing prayer recite this (supplication/dua’): Dua in Arabic Text above.

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You are the Complete Knower, inside out, of all those things that are unseen, unknown, and hidden.

RK Rehan Khan Dec 14, Allah has granted every human being the ability to take factors into consideration and weigh different options and think about, ponder, contemplate, and process.

What a comprehensive and well explained topic in the light of the Sunnah of Holy Prophet God bless him and grant isikhara peace!

How to perform Salat-l-Istikhara

Just a little note of caution. Again, here, the vast overwhelming majority of scholars are of the opinion that the supplication of istikharah is to be done after the prayer. My name is Zayd Mikhail and this is how I accepted Islam.

Thanks for letting us know.

Istikhara: The Prayer of Seeking Guidance – SeekersHub Answers

You do your istikharah and naturally start to feel more confident and feel clearer and feel ready to make that decision. Make sure your space is clean enough to be suitable tl prayer. Also, you shouldn’t do certain things, as it simply means you’re expecting too much.


Usury 1 August Wa in-kunta ta’lamu anna haadhal amr sharrun liy fiy deeniy wa-ma’aashiy wa-‘aaqibat amriy. Don’t feel disheartened at that time because at the iwtikhara of the supplication, you do ask Allah for khayr, and if you have the level of conviction in Allah, you will have the conviction that Allah will provide to you that which is best for you. Haythuka – wherever and however that good may be.

This is the concept and role of istikharah. Welcome to the world’s oldest and most recognized Islamic Web site. While it might seem like a joke or silly to some people, sometimes people just don’t know. This article teaches us how to do it. Alhamdul lil-lahi rab-bil ‘alameen Ar rahma nir-raheem Maliki yawmid-deen Iyyaka na’budu wa iyyaka nasta’een Ihdinas siratal mustaqeem Siratal Lazeena an’amta ti Ghai-ril maghdubi ‘alayhim Walad dal-leen.

3 Ways to Do Istikhara – wikiHow

Assalam alaykum i just want to ask regarding dua istikara i am always reading dat after the fardhu prayer is it consider or accepted just to read d dua istikhara after fardhu prayer? A Anonymous Oct 25, The former more of a general kind of prayer and is meant for the fulfillment of duas supplicationsgaining steadfastness etc.


Qul yaa-ai yuhal kaafiroon Laa a’budu ma t’abudoon Wa laa antum ‘aabidoona maa a’bud Wa laa ana ‘abidum maa ‘abattum Wa laa antum ‘aabidoona ma a’bud Lakum deenukum wa liya deen. Ibn Hajr said, commenting on this hadith: Start by centering yourself on your intention.

Salat al-Istikharah

Also one must also have clear conscious of asking for clarity of stuff that is unclear, and is not beyond the boundaries of the Islamic faith. Saif 27 July at What if I make istikharah and I just still slaatul feel comfortable or confident in my decision?

Can I do istikhara?

Of course if somebody recently took shahadah or somebody recently came into connection with their din, there is always an exception to the rule. You don’t need to wake up in the middle of the night and do istikharah.

Su Wut Yi 15 June at Recite the Istikhara supplication. Walay kum Assalam Brother in Islam, How many days? There are a few minor opinions here and there that differ from the vast majority. I was initially depressed and did not know what to do.