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A Oscilloscope Operating and Service Manual. Part Number: ( Aug 76). The A is no longer sold by Keysight; this manual is provided for. To buy, sell, rent or trade-in this product please click on the link below: http://www ยท MODEL A. OSCILLOSCOPE. HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY/ COLORADO SPRINGS DIVISION. GARDEN OF THE GODS ROAD, COLORADO.

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The change is in such a direc- tion as to correct the original change in the rectified cathode voltage.

To remove Horizontal Sweep Assembly A7, proceed as follows: Bandwidth, rise time, or pulse response pro- blems can be caused by dirty CRT neck pins or by a faulty 170a line. If overshoot or undershoot is present, turn screwdriver adjustment in probe for a flat-top pre- sentation see figure Center display on CRT.

It arms A10U1 and a delayed trigger will be formed if a sync pulse occurs during the main sweep time. 17440a

Return Model A controls to initial settings and disconnect equipment. Horizontal Preamplifier To remove A3, A4, and A13 Assemblies, proceed as follows: Vertical Gain Adjustme nt Table will aid in determining the best trigger mode 17400a various signal conditions. Schematic 1, Change line input as shown below.


Oscilloscope A Equipment Hewlett-Packard, HP; Palo Alto,

Can anyone help or advise? High- speed linearity is controlled by a lag network at the input of each amplifier. Turn Delayed Sweep hpp. Change Model A controls as follows: When input coupling is in the position AlSlA-C closedthe input signal is terminated in 50 ohms.

HP-1740A Oscilloscope

Signal is only displayed on one channel. The circuitry is contained on preamplifier chips in A3A1.

Fast-rise pulse generator Adapter: The CRT cathode and grid voltages are devel- oped in the secondary of high-voltage transformer A15T1. Momentary pushbutton that arms the trigger circuit in the single-sweep mode. Change to HP Part, No. Sweep occurs once with the same triggering as in NORM. Connect digital voltmeter between CAL 1 V output and ground.

Two important prerequisites for successful troubleshooting are: In alternate or chop modes, the trigger-view control feature will display three signals: To reinstall A6, reverse removal procedure.

Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) A used or new for sale at used-line

Adjusting lowering the vertical posion pot only lowers the top part of the square pulse signal trace, the botton trace of the signal is fixed right at the botton of the screen, and does not move.

If A3R79 is changed, recheek steps j and k in paragraph for correct balance. The rectified CRT cathode voltage is sampled and fed back to the high-voltage oscillator. Replacement for Component Locator in Figure Current source transistor A7Q24 provides bias for shunt feedback stage A7Q The manual and manual change sheet supersede all previous infor- mation concerning specifications of the A.


This puts the time base in an auto sweep mode. I will have to start searching for the Chip ASA1, or a complete vertical deflection card. Not much luck in my search for the spares.

Technical Support

The gate Schmitt circuit see figure and schematic 12 provides Gate Amplifier Assembly A12 with the proper input for each display mode. The low-frequency path through A7t T l, passes all frequencies below 4 kHz.

An rf voltmeter is used to monitor the signal level at the input connector to verify that the signal amplitude remains constant. To order a part not listed in the table, provide the following information: AlSlA, C open 1740, the input signal is applied through capacitor A3C1 to the 1 -megohm input section in the preamplifier.

This winding is referenced to the rectified cathode voltage through A15R