View and Download President HR owner’s manual online. 10 Meter Amateur Transceiver. HR Transceiver pdf manual download. Also for: Hr View and Download PRESIDENT HR user manual online. 10 Meter Amateur Mobile Transceiver. HR Transceiver pdf manual download. PRESIDENT LINCOLN (HR ) MODS by Roger Perales ~ perales Conversion of this text from html format to PDF by Frank TomeŇ°.

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This mod hr25100 originally written by M. The leads of the two transistors are exactly opposite of each other. The rest of the s gates are used as gated inverters. To get more, Q is the Mic Attenuator, This limits the audio. Be sure to give them the HTX catalog number,as well.


The new transistor has a different pin out from the original. Connect a watt meter and a dummy load to the antenna jack.

If you have access to a scope, the radio can easily be broadbanded for better performance in this new frequency range. But, I want to have your permission that I can do it and publish it on my web pages.

Solder it to pin 3 of IC These fixes rebias the switiching transistor to correct this. The right coil labeled L, adjusts CW. The result is a pleasing, evenly lit red display that is easily visible under most lighting conditions.

Examination of the schematics for both radios showed that the RF sections were indeed almost identical. This is a 3 pin transistor bolted to the left side of the case next to VR This effect will be mitigated somewhat in the HR due hr25100 the fact the the transmitter uses low-level modulation for AM and the signal is bandpass filtered by the IF crystal filter, as opposed to the classic high-level modulation that is used in older AM transmitters, but the kanual is still mnaual good.


PRESIDENT HR Service manual |

Lift or clip one end of this diode. I can send the pages to you via E-mail if you wish. Send E-Mail to rogerbird juno.

kanual You may be able to peel the epoxy right off to expose the pins of the IC. Loosen the four screws on the sides of the radio that hold the PLL tray in the radio. Reassemble your radio and your ready to go. Attach the manusl half of the Blue wire to the Normally Closed side of the Relay.

What these mods do is to disconnect the 5Khz steps and allow the Mic buttons to do what the Rotary switch does.

This seems to have been a major design screwup on Uniden’s part. Cut the Yellow wire from the connector, leaving enough to attach a 1N diode to each end, anode to J side cathode to the Mic jack. That would be interesting!

Put the radio on The Chipswitch replacement CPU will not compensate for this either, and the people at Chipswitch haven’t shown any interest in releasing a new version to allow for this mwnual.

Add a 1K ohm resistor to the cathode of the 1N diode and wire the opposite end to the rotary switch, connect it to the etch on the back of the switch that does not have a Grey or White wire Orange or Brown in the Lincoln on it.

The use of this information may void your radios warranty, The modification of your radio may make its use illegal.

HR 2510 Manual

If you are an Meter ‘freebander’ and are reading this page, I strongly encourage you to become a licenced ham and cease illegal operations on 11 Meters. L Disconnect DC Ammeter. Connect the output wire from the Isolation resistor on pin 10 of the CMOS IC to the 2nd trace from the top trace on the frequency knob.


You get memories, repeater splits, and 12 Meters too! Component location diagram 19 Adding an external meter to the HR To add a needle type meter all you need to do is connect it to C on the Microprocessor.

You will need to reorient the new transistor to work. If your HR is Chipswitched, but doesn’t lock on hr510 Meters, this mod will take care of the problem without having to access the underside of the synth PCB. After the adjustment is complete, Reinstall hg2510 B PB jumper board.

I plan on leaving it in. Component Layout with Cross reference for the HR 9. Take the four screws out of the speaker cover on the radio. Find the red wire 8 Volts on the mode switch PCB and solder the orange wire to it. It is not my intention to cover ground ,anual has already been covered by others; there are many fine resources on the web describing various mods and enhancements to these rigs.

Use a 10k ohm resistor manuao you only use the internal speaker. Sure enough, the USB carrier oscillator frequency is different in the two radios!

Its easy and it does not require any new switches. There is only so much ‘headroom’ in the transmitter strip, hr510 too much AM power will cause signal clipping and distortion. I always thought the RX audio on the sounded a little wimpy, even with an external speaker.