Adapted from David K. Farkas “Hypertext and Hypermedia,” Berkshire Hypertext and hypermedia refer to Web pages and other kinds of on-screen content that. This work proposes an engineering approach for adaptive hypermedia applications. Adaptive Classes FileType and News model preferences of the user. We give the data model of a distributed hypermedia system for collaborative .. Furthermore every Media object has a name and a filetype.

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Electronic marketplace system and hypermsdia for creation of a two-tiered pricing scheme. A World Wide Web browser for use in the World Wide Web distributed hypermedia network on the Internet, and for accessing interactive content which has been disseminated via the World Wide Web distributed hypermedia network on the Internet, the World Wide Web browser comprising: Table II, below, shows an example of an HTML tag format used by the present invention to embed a link to an application program within a hypermedia document.

Voice code registration system and method for registering voice codes for voice pages in a voice network access provider system. What is Hypermedia’s Impact? Guido van Rossum, Re: Internet-based product brand marketing communication network configured to allow members of a product brand management team to communicate directly with consumers browsing Hypernedia pages at an electronic commerce EC enabled web-site along the fabric of the world wide web WWWusing programable multi-mode virtual kiosks MMVKS driven by server-side components and managed by product brand management filrtype members.

The server computer of claim 25wherein: Method of remote management of the look and functionality of a website by a third party service provider with the aid of scripting technology. Any group of computers may form a localized network.

The information allows at least one application configured to execute on at least one client workstation to display a portion of a distributed hypermedia document within a browser-controlled window, to respond to text formats to initiate processing specified by the text formats, to filerype an embed text format which corresponds to a first location in the distributed hypermedia document and to automatically invoke program code being part of a distributed application located on two or more computers coupled to the distributed hypermedia network, in response to the identifying of the embed text format, in order to enable an end-user to directly interact with an object when the object is displayed within a display area created at the first location within the portion of the distributed hypermedia document being displayed in the browser-controlled window.


For example, the user can operate a spreadsheet program that is being executed by one or more other computer systems connected via the network to the user’s client computer. In one application, high resolution three dimensional images are processed in a distributed manner by several computers located remotely from the user’s client computer.

Server B processes the command and locates document 14 on its local storage. Xmosaic and Xv, Messages from Thu Apr.

Jon Relay’s Apple II Info Archives

System, method, and computer program product for outputting markup language documents. Client computers are computers that typically request information from a server computer which provides the information. Once the spreadsheet program has calculated results, the results may be sent over the network to the user’s client computer for display to the user.

A method, a hypermedia communication system, a hypermedia server, a hypermedia client, and computer software products for accessing, distributing, and presenting hypermedia documents. An example of such type of data is in medical imaging where advanced scanning devices, such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI and Computed Tomography CTare widely used in the fields of medicine, quality assurance and meteorology to present physicians, technicians and meteorologists with large amounts of data in an efficient way.

Area Hidden XtNunmapNotify 6. The server computer of claim 19wherein the browser has been further configured to parse at least one HTML tag in the information, wherein at least a portion of the object is external to the information, and wherein the selecting is based upon a data type of the object. But there are several reasons for using hypermedia despite these discouraging findings.

Mark Sherman, et al. Interprocess communication between the hypermedia browser and the embedded application program is ongoing after the program object has been launched.

The client computer of claim 15wherein at least one or more coordination computers performs coordination of at least part of the distributed application to perform at least one task. Systems and methods for interacting with a computer through handwriting to a screen. Wesley Publishing Company,14 pages.

Hypermedia provides links within electronic text for quick access to other related text, graphics, audio, or video. Computer system and computer implemented method for synchronization of simultaneous web views. Applications and Technology Workshop, Jul. Method and system for identifying and obtaining computer software from a remote computer.


Antya Umstatter,” Ping “, Apr. At step a check is made as to whether the type attribute of the object, i. Readers who want more information on any of these can click on the term, and if it has been designated a hyperlink, they will access more detailed information.

Method and system for providing three-dimensional graphics over computer networks. The World Wide Web browser of claim 49wherein the coordination performed is by coordinating by the one or more coordination computers communications sent to and received from at least a portion of the distributed application located on two or more separate computers connected filehype the World Wide Web distributed hypremedia network to enable the separate computers to work together to perform the at least one task.

System and method for delivering a graphical user interface of remote applications over a thin bandwidth connection.

US USB1 en Such a combination of executable code and data is limited in that the user can do no more than invoke the code to perform a singular function such as performing the self-extraction after which time the object is a standard data object.

Jon Relay’s Apple II Info Archives

The user is able to use a vast amount of computing power beyond that which is contained filetyype the user’s client computer. Ethernet digital storage EDS card and satellite transmission system including faxing capability. The method of claim 32wherein the browser has been further configured to parse at least one HTML tag in the information, wherein at least a portion of the object is external to the hypetmedia, and wherein the selecting is based upon a data type of the object.

When user makes a request by, for example, clicking on hypertext 20 i. Zayas, ” Administrative Cells: