Alert 13 – 17 Fall From Heights Results in Fatality. Alert 14 – 19 Dropped Object Results in Near Miss. Alert Crown Saver Device – Near Miss.

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Greasing Crown Assembly — Near Miss. Crane Collapses on Location. Discharge of Synthetic Based Mud Overboard. Lost control of Drill Pipe Results in a Fatality. Driller Inattention Results in Dropped Blocks. Dropped Object from Derrick — Near Miss. Dropped Object Results in Near Miss.

Dropped Object — Falling Sledge Hammer.

Inattention Results in Galley Fire. Foot Caught in Drawworks Braking System. Welding Operations Results in an Eye Injury. Rivers Oct 4, at 6: Kindly send me the latest safety alerts.

Fast Line Guide Roller. Unprotected Flywheel Results in a Fatality. Damage to Starboard Flare Boom. Dropped Xafety from Snubbing Unit. Trapped Pressure Following Casing Test.


Side Door Elevator Incidents. All company and personal references are removed, so there are no worries about adverse publicity. Near Miss — Dropped Tong Weight.

Lack of Communication Causes Loss of Fingers. Please send me safety alerts and presentations to share with my crews on the rig.

IADC Safety Posters

Top Drive Swivel Stem Parted. All Alerts issued will be archived on this web site. We welcome your ideas iqdc future Safety Alerts. Kelly Wear and Damage. Derrickman Pulled Off Board.

IADC Safety Posters – IADC – International Association of Drilling Contractors

Air Powered Impact Wrench Incident. I am a safety officer. Mast Raising Line Faiulre. Worker Killed by Wireline Spool Unite.

Alert 14 – 19 Dropped Object Results in Near Miss

Top Drive Impacts Stabbing Board. Wrench Dropped from Derrick. Injury Results from Working on Pressurized Equipment. Submit iqdc Safety Alert here. Rig Move Vehicle Incident.

Alert Finger Injury Leads to LTI – IADC – International Association of Drilling Contractors

Hi, i would like to receive safety alert with you. Lack of Stairway Lighting Results in Fall. You can submit safety alerts one of three ways:.


High Potential — Dropped Pony Collar. Riyas Cheriya Illatil May 19, at IADC has issued three new safety alerts citing potential rigfloor dangers and how each could have been mitigated. Dropped Accumulator Bottle Results in a Fatality.