The IBM® BladeCenter® HS23 is positioned as a high-density, high-performance server based on the ServerBlade architecture for medium to. The IBM® BladeCenter® HS23 is a versatile blade server that offers outstanding . Emulex 10GbE VFA Advanced II for IBM BladeCenter HS The IBM BladeCenter HS23 Types and blade server is compatible with IBMBladeCenter units. This high density, high performance, single-wide.

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Installation labor is provided at no additional charge, if the machine is covered under a warranty service upgrade or a maintenance service. Features and specifications Microprocessor: Up to 30 MB cache. The following figure shows the bottom view of the BladeCenter HS23 contains light path diagnostics panel. Key features The BladeCenter HS23 gives you the networking capacity that you need to manage your data center. Integrated industry-standard Unified Extensible Firmware Interface UEFI enables improved setup, configuration, and updates, and simplifies error handling.

IBM Service provides hardware problem determination on non-IBM parts for example, adapter cards, PCMCIA cards, disk drives, or memory installed within IBM machines hss23 under warranty service upgrades or maintenance services and provides the labor to replace the failing parts at no additional charge.

Some option-removal instructions are provided in case you have to remove one option to install another. Power, cooling, removable-media drives, external ports, and advanced system management are bpadecenter by the BladeCenter unit. Has 12 blade slots in 12U, but uses the same switches and blades as the regular BladeCenter Iibm. The following table is a summary of the features and specifications of the blade server. You may install a Tier 2 CRU yourself or request IBM to install it, at no additional charge, under the type of warranty service designated for your Machine.

The server also supports virtual media and remote control features, which provide the following functions:. Backwards compatible with older BladeCenter switches and blades. The Predictive Failure Analysis PFA detects when system components processors, memory, and hard disk drives operate outside of standard thresholds and generates pro-active alerts in advance of possible failure, therefore increasing uptime.

  DOD 4245.7-M PDF

Contact your local IBM representative or your reseller for country-specific and location-specific information.

You must provide a suitable working area to allow disassembly and reassembly of the IBM machine. Targets mid-sized customers by offering storage inside the BladeCenter chassis, so no separate external storage needs to be purchased.

Remotely viewing video with graphics resolutions up to x at imb Hz with up to 23 bits per pixel, regardless of the system state Remotely accessing the server using the keyboard and mouse from a remote client Mapping the CD or DVD drive, diskette drive, and USB flash drive on a remote client, and mapping ISO image files as virtual drives that are available for use by the server Capturing blue-screen errors. All other product warranty terms for the machine remain unchanged.

Virtual port bandwidth allocation in Mbps increments.

IBM BladeCenter

The BladeCenter can have a total of four switch modules, but two of the switch module bays can take only an Ethernet switche or Ethernet pass-though. Mixing of different type daughtercards in the same BladeCenter chassis is not allowed. Regarding the use of solid-state disk drives, solid-state memory cells have an intrinsic, finite number of write cycles that each cell can incur.

The effective memory available to the system is only half of that installed. The HS23 server has two hot-swap drive bays accessible from the front of the blade server. Our Premier Client services provide large accounts with special handling services to ensure these complex transactions are serviced properly.

Use the Setup utility to determine the type and speed of the microprocessors in the blade server. Los Alamos National Laboratory. Retrieved from ” https: Low-voltage Intel Xeon processors draw less energy to satisfy demands of power and thermally constrained data centers and telecommunication environments.


Modules based on x86 processors from AMD. Actual memory speed maximums depend on several factors, as described in “Memory options.

Lenovo and the Lenovo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. FastSetup simplifies, automates, and speeds up the deployment process from server power-up to production, making BladeCenter easier to manage, deploy, and maintain.

New models of IBM BladeCenter HS23 blade server feature enhanced memory options

Weight Maximum configuration single-wide blade: Up to MHz memory speed. The following table also shows which server models have each processor standard. Your Email Address optional. This capability is ideal for many applications that require special telecommunications network interfaces or hardware acceleration using a PCI Express card.

Lenovo BladeCenter HS23 (E v2) Product Guide (withdrawn product) > Lenovo Press

Consult the BladeCenter Interoperability Guide for specific details: External drive enclosures The HS23 does not support external drive enclosures. Contact an IBM representative or reseller for any questions. Microprocessors Memory Storage drives.

Additional charges may apply outside IBM’s normal service area. Following problem determination, if IBM determines On-site Service is required, scheduling of service will depend upon the time of your call, machine technology and redundancy, and availability of parts. It ran the Sun Solaris operating system from Sun Microsystems. The HS23 offers a robust platform optimized for your mission-critical applications. Configuring the blade server Use this information for details about the configuration requirements of the blade server.

The type of service is Customer Replaceable Unit for example, keyboard, mouse, speaker, memory, or hard disk drive Service and On-site Service.