False yam tuber (Icacina oliviformis) extract has been shown to have some toxic compounds that need to be investigated to find its effect on. Common Name:False yam. Description. The Icacinaceae are a family of flowering plants, consisting of trees, shrubs, and lianas, primarily of the tropics. False yam (Icacina oliviformis syn. Icacina senegalensis) is a drought-resistant plant in West and Central Africa that produces a large tuber with.

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The family was traditionally circumscribed quite broadly, with around 55 genera totalling over species. The fruit is a bright-red ovoid berry, approximately 2.

Plants can grow so densely and yield so exuberantly that a family can sometimes collect several hundred kilos of fruits a day even from untended wild stands. The fruit is reportedly icscina in Congo. Upland Areas Potential here is unknown, but perhaps worth finding out. Three more with edible parts are: What results is a white, grayish, or creamy-yellow flour.

It is also easy to harvest because the bush seldom exceeds 80 cm in height and bears its fruits near the olivifromis, where they can be reached without difficulty. In a sense, icacina pronounced ik-a-SEE-na is a living grocery store during normal times and an emergency relief-food supplier during hungry times. Marco Schmidt Dry Areas Prospects here are even higher. Lost Crops of Africa: This is an important attribute because icacina grows where people lose a lot of food to rodents and insects.

Seeds In one analysis, flour extracted from the seeds was about 13 percent moisture, 72 percent carbohydrate, and 8 percent protein, with little fat about 0.


Beyond Africa Prospects here are probably low. Despite its attraction, this potentially weedy and mostly untamed plant should not yet be introduced into locations beyond Africa.

It is covered with very short hairs and contains a thin layer of white pulp, approximately 0. Its aerial stems can reach almost 1 m in height. Means to this end might include simple activities such as putting out an icacina cookbook, holding contests for best recipes, or serving icacina at prestigious functions. Investigations should be undertaken to assess the promise and pitfalls of 7 Extracts from some species have olivigormis shown to induce sleepiness and reduce pain in rodent studies Asuzu, I.

It deserves organized testing in dry zones in various parts of Africa to see how it survives within and beyond its current range. The emetic, antihepatotoxic, and antinephrotoxic effects of an extract from Icacina trichantha.

Login or Register to save! In part, this crop has suffered because of its common name. The tubers, too, are used in the form of flour.

Icacina oliviformis – African Orphan Crops Consortium

Horticultural Development Although the plant is sometimes cultivated, it is only on a very small, household scale. The seeds are steeped for a oliviformsi in water, which is changed each morning to remove bitter elements.

It contains bitter and perhaps toxic principles. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition 53 2: Roots, too, can contain toxins unless properly processed.

File:Icacina senegalensis MS JPG – Wikimedia Commons

Probably, neither the production of fruits nor roots will be devastated by the careful harvest of the woody biomass. Although an especially hardy life form, icacins are generally neglected in development activities.


If you need to print pages from this book, we recommend downloading it as a PDF. Documenting Traditional Knowledge Because this plant is so new to science but so old to O,iviformis, it is vital to document the methods and practices traditionally employed for handling and using it. The tubers are then sliced and soaked in clean water for several days to soften the flesh and icacian out bitter compounds.

In the exploration of this possibility lie fascinating challenges to researchers, entrepreneurs, and other pioneer movers and shakers. They are soaked several days, boiled in new water, dried, dehusked, and ground.

In part, this resource has also suffered because it is a shrub. Page Share Cite. Information from Venceslas Goudiaby. Skip to content Common Name: For a wild and untended plant, these are remarkable amounts. Any improvement, no matter how modest, could thus have a satisfying impact.

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In addition, analytical chemists need to check samples for micronutrients, protein quality, and fatty acids making up the seed oil. Summary [ edit ] Description Icacina senegalensis MS The resulting meal can be mixed with that of millet or beans to make a thick paste known as enap in Senegal.

Even though scientists may not know much about this plant, rural peoples know a lot. They are then dried in the sun, pulverized, and sieved.