Ideology of the Future – Dr Muhammad Rafi-ud-din. likes. A Study of the laws of human nature and human activity and the manner in which they. Ideology of the Future has 19 ratings and 3 reviews. Aasem said: Rafiuddin takes on the case of religion and modernity from the best Muhammad Rafi-Ud-Din Dr Rafi-ud-din elaborated the “philosophy of the self” efficiently in this book. About Muhammad Rafi-Ud-Din: Introduction:Dr Mohammad Rafiuddin, born in Jammu in , is considered to be one of the greatest muslim philosophers in t.. .

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This is indeed what their evolution in the direction of the Right Ideal ought to imply. See 1 question about Ideology of the Futureā€¦. The singleness of the ideal 4 Ultimately a man cannot love more than one ideal at a time.

The reason is that man attributes to his ideal all a the beauty that he desires. The urge for an ideal and the mental and moral health of humanity The obstruction or frustration of this desire causes a weak and cramped personality, unhappiness, grief and nervous disorders and its complete and constant satisfaction causes joy and elation.

The society that loves a wrong ideal attributes to it a few qualities of Beauty and Goodness consciously and all the others unconsciously. The going of their human society advancing towards the stage is a of evolution and highest perfection gradually by process the is creative and evolutionary because the Creator process love in this process.

Faith subsists between fear and hope.

Ideology of the Future by Muhammad Rafi-Ud-Din

The evolution of ideals in the race 7 Man s urge for an ideal has operated in the life of the race too from ufture very beginning. Skip to main content. A secret uncon scious hatred for it which becomes open or con scious sooner or later always lurks in his mind.

He has the life right perspective of things and his thoughts, words and deeds are rightly directed. It is this fact that creates a difference between the natures of the animal and the human being. These consequences be stated briefly as follows may: He will be enough to reckon his own deeds on that day.


In this way moral action and contemplation go hand in hand assisting each other to raise him to higher and higher df.muhammad of self-consciousness till he attains to the highest possible stage of the evolution of his love.

The personality of such a person is divided and undeveloped. Will you not then guard against error. If a person loves a wrong ideal, his desire for moral action in accordance with absolute and universal principles of morality is over powered by his wrong love and is?

The Ideology of the Future by Dr Muhammad Rafiuddin

It changed from the idea of the divine of one person to the idea of the right sanctity of the nation or to Nationalism. That is why a man who commits one sin is prone to commit another.

The reason is that unless it has shed the disabilities which dr.muhammad to it on account ot these errors i. This world is a prison for the true believer and a Heaven for the non-believer. Similarly a right action strengthens the love of the Right Ideal and weakens the love of wrong ideas. It may live for centuries but its dr.muuammad obliteration is inevitable.

For what is an ideal but an idea to which a person ascribes the highest beauty or perfection known to him?

Such a person, unless he is able to convince others, is often suspected to be futhre crank, a rebel or a revolutionary and is suppressed by the society accordingly. His realization of Beauty undergoes further deterioration. Most of them loved ideals other than the True Ideal.

In other words, they earn the evolving care and love of the Creator for their good deeds. Muhammad Umar rated it it was amazing Ldeology 25, It is always rewarded by the pleasing conviction that it is his ideal approved by which he always imagines to be a person or a personality.

The reason is that he can oppose these desires only with the help of the power of his love which, therefore, increases in force and intensity in proportion to the success of his effort to oppose them. Who gives you sustenance from the heaven and the earth or Who has created hearing and rafiudidn and Who brings forth the living from ragiuddin dead, and brings forth the dead from the living and Who rules the world They will say: When a religion or philosophical creed is not the political ideal of an indivi dual, it is really an idea which is sub-serving his political futuee and not determining any of his activities itself.

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This means that the ideal which raiuddin human race is seeking through the process of History i. The desires that arc peculiar to man are the desires of his self-consciousness or self. Sted Adnan rated it it was amazing Apr 09, He seeks their approbation and in order to win it, is prepared to regulate his conduct and control his instinctive desires which once formed his ideal.

The root-cause of a nervous disease worry, hysteria, obsession, phobia, or mad ness is the conflict of some ideas or ideals with the patient s ideal.

bg Love for the ideal generations and perpetuated in is transmitted to future inspiration derived from the environ the group by direct ment which includes the influence of parents, elders, teachers and the society at large. This explains why Islam lays stress on regularity and punc tuality in prayers and devotions. And he who does an atom s weight of evil will see it. The more he con siders himself insignificant before the Beauty and the Power of the Beloved, the greater is his realization of His Beauty and Power and the more is he able to compensate for his own insignificance by this realization which is thus really a process by which he absorbs more and more of the Beauty and Power of the Beloved.

The way ideklogy avoid a sin A wrong idea grips first of allthe imagination of the individual and later on takes control of his faculties of action. In the beginning of love the hopes of lovers are very high. For whenever the pursuit of these desires for their own sake docs not serve the ideal and this happens always when the ideal is wrong- it is twisted, consciously or unconsciously, to make it serve the ideal.