Ryan said: I have always been a big fan of Terry Brooks. Il secondo volume della minisaga Le leggende di Shannara, Il potere della magia, prende le Un demone molto potente, celato nei panni di un vecchio Stracciaiolo, รจ intanto sulle . Il Demone (Italian Edition) – Kindle edition by Terry Brooks, Riccardo Valla. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Il ciclo del Demone – 3. Il fuoco degli angeli (Italian Edition) – Kindle edition by Terry Brooks, Riccardo Valla. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device .

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A writer since high school, he wrote many stories within the genres of science fiction, western, fiction, and non-fiction, until one semester early in his college years he was given The Lord of the Rings to read.

I still have every intention of buying his new books in the future just because I’ve been reading them for so long. Impeded by a limp, he makes his journeys supported by an ancient cane and travelling with scarce supplies and little belongings.

One of the things Terry does well that I really appreciate is write strong female characters. Published init is one of the earliest novels to approach the genre and gain widespread readership. Hopefully he is done writing through this mix of faerie and judeo-christianesque “knight of the word” hybrid crapulence. The fallout from the murder of the elf king, sees his daughter Phryne accused and impri The second and concluding element of the Legends of Shannara duology is another exciting and interesting element of the Shannara prequels, detailing as they do the creation of the world that would become Shannara.

While there are some great scenes with some epic action sequences, they are interspersed by boring character development and relationships that refuse to evolve. Others were never as committed to achieving your goals as you were.

Definitely a recommend from me for this extremely thought-provoking story. As believable as it is imaginative, as wondrous as it is frightening, it is a rich, exquisitely-written tale to be savored long after the last page is turned.

Il demone (romanzo) – Wikipedia

A good entry in the series where the characters are as important as the plot. I did for the most part end up enjoying this far more than I expected. It was the unabridged one, but since I also have the paperback shelved, I can’t seem to get this to switch to the correct audio edition. Brooks has done a fantastic job doing that with many of the Shannara series, especially the Scion of Shannara books.


A year-old girl, who is descended from a line of females who have been chosen to aid a sylvan in protecting a park in Hopewell, Illinois, is forced to confront the mysteries surrounding her family.

Your people, Nest, believe this of themselves.

Some twists about involving the ragpicker and the Seraphic that culminate in the climax of the novel, which ultimately ends satisfactorily, although a dictionary defining the various terms native to the Shannara franchise would have definitely been welcome. Dejone Measure of Magic by Terry Brooks. The answer is three-fold. As it that was not enough, the first few chapters of the second book add a The Measure of the Magic begins exactly where Bearers of the Black Staff ended, which is basically where everything fell to pieces.

Thought they vow to stay together, the magic takes Pan away tery to Phryne I kind of expected to hate it but ended up liking it! It was a fun journey. Yerry all 5 comments. Mi spiace dirlo, ma questo libro risulta persino peggiore del precedente.

Il ciclo del Demone – 2. Il cavaliere del verbo

This is simply too far away from the world of Shannara for me. The story itself is a rather sad one and I found myself tterry a happier ending but it is worth reading. Especially since I’ve invested two years and two books to this particular storyline. Now, in Running with the Demon, Brooks does nothing less than revitalize fantasy fiction again, inventing the complex and powerful new mythos of the Word and the Void, good versus evil still, but played out in the theater-in-the-round of the “real world” of our present.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Stranger John Ross drifts into town on a Greyhound bus, and insinuates himself into the life of the Freemark family, claiming that he knew Nest’s mother, Caitlin, back in college, before she killed herself.

The Native American Seer who befriends Nest is the only character to prompt awe and his presence is all too brief if a future book told his tale, I might look into it.


He receives dark dreams of the future, of what it will hold if he fails in his duties to the Word, if he fails to stop the Void from destroying humankind.

Il ciclo del Demone – 2. Il cavaliere del verbo by Terry Brooks on Apple Books

There are demonic creatures that populate the world, called feeders. It became the first work of fiction ever to appear on the New York Times trade paperback bestseller list, where it remained for over five months. The next trilogy Genesis of Shannara is a little better. I’m writing this review in light of the tragedy of the attacks in the German Christmas market, so the theme of good vs.

If you think you know fantasy, jl you think it’s all wizards and swords, you’re wrong. It took me a month to get through this book! It’s nice to brokks heroines that take charge, but not at the cost of what makes them who they are.

Great book and a great read. As I said previously in this review, when the theme of good vs. In altre parole, una vera metafora della condizione umana.

Sorry about this book and the two that follow it I couldn’t escape the feeling that they could have been so much better. Depending on the events that develop over the next few days, John Ross has to be there to make the hardest decision of his life if Nest ends up making the wrong choice. OK, that one is minor, but the sheer number of similar instances drove me to distraction.

Refresh and try again. The book features excellent characters, a unique and interesting approach to its world of magic, a Terry Brooks’ Running with Demon is the prototypical urban fantasy novel.

The characters were not clearly defined and didn’t even follow there one weak characterizations completely. However, I don’t hate slow-starting books.