Ilford FP4 Plus + Ilfosol S. There are still many excellent films and developers on the market today, and hundreds of permutations of those films. Ilfosol-3 Film Developer is an enhanced, one-shot updated version of Ilford’s Ilfosol-S. It has been created to suit the needs of photographers who prefer to use . For users of Ilfosol, an eco-friendly black & white film developer from Ilford Ilfosol, and type of Ilfosol used whether Ilfosol, Ilfosol II (Ilfosol 2), Ilfosol S, or Ilfosol 3.

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If we base our selection purely on economic grounds, then there are several films, usually from East European countries that will allow us to pursue our passion whilst keeping an eye on the pennies.

The times are a little quicker for most films, so check the info sheet on Ilford’s site. I don’t believe ilfoso at all.

Ilfosol S vs. Ilfosol 3??

Just thought I’d ask some opinions from anyone who’s tried it before I crack it open. Phenidone is a registered trademark of Ilford, and used alone will give an extremely low-contrast negative, as employed in the P. The rest can be stored.

Slow ilfosl with silken tones, and a number of specialist films for those occasions when we want something different to show our creative skills. Although I have experimented a little with times and inversion methods settled on the Ilford method using FD10, the Ilfosol3 has only ever been used according to the given times I’ve had nothing but solid results.


If you mix the 3.

The choice of monochromatic films today is limited, but not too restricted, compared to a decade ago when this article was originally written, and it is a choice which is still quite interesting. Your name or email address: It’s no biggie and certainly won’t affect my sleep at night but thought I’d ask anyway as someone is bound to have an opinion at the ilfoaol least?

If you have a Photrio account, please log in and select ‘stay ilfoosol in’ to prevent recurrence of this notice. Not only did Kodak honor the request for some odd sizes, they did it in a relatively prompt manner in most instances.

Apr 26, 3. Yes, my password is: I like Ilfosol 3 as a standard developer. Is it supposed to be an acutance developer, or more towards the ‘fine grain’ of Fotospeed FD10? International orders are processed the next shipping day. Marketed as a convenience developer I have used it with Tmax, Tri-x, Pan-X, and several off-brand films.

Unfortunately i dont have a cool place to keep it in. I would advise careful testing before using this regime on anything important. Anyone discovered how it ‘ages’ in a half full bottle, yet?

Acutance is the observed density gradient across the edge between a dark and light area of a photographic image. I don’t like to say that, but it’s true. This isn’t fault of the developer, I’m new at large format and just have to get more experience working with the Ilford line of products. I have an older selad bottle and this could saave a roll of film. Many people will tell you not to do this, but it works for me. Is it safe to presume then that perhaps one of the improvements of Ilfosol-3 over Ilfosol-S is ilfisol better storage capabilities and so forth?


Apr 26, 5. The actual words used were ‘more robust’.

Ilford Ilfosol S

I investigated this issue and read that Ilfosol is intended for finer-grained film. How much of working solution would i get out of a 0. Given that Ilfospl seems to have formulated Ilfosol 3 for longer life then if my experience is anything to go by, I’d expect at least 12 months life. Mix only what you need to use right then. Since you are in Estonia and I don’t knwo what is available there I’ll give you my experience.

Ilford Ilfosol S | Darkroom User

I also think that the d76 would go bad before i manage to use it all. Finally I’ve tried Ilfosol on Ilford Delta and couldn’t recommend the results. Ilfosoo did this and found that I’ll have to reduce the time further as the negatives came out a little too contrasty. Rated 4 out of 5 by RNCotton from Well rounded developer with smooth tone Ilfosol-3 has become my go-to developer.