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Which test series is closest to the actual CAT level of difficulty among TIME, IMS and CL? – Quora

Sir,I urge you to please look into this issue urgently. Akshay is from Chennai. The simat was new and needed a different kind of prep. What is the number of people with only heart problems?

The difficulty arises because there is so much going ism all at once. Not all get this feeling, some lose it before they start. Maybe I was overconfident.

Having a passion is a good thing but enjoying you work, life and having an occasional good time friends and loved ones is equally important, because that gives us happiness which no amount of money can buy. Studies show that these links between personality traits and mental illnesses exist not just at the behavioural level but also at the genetic level.

There iks no basis for inferring [4] from the passage.

  ISO 24971 PDF

Then came the summer vacation. According to one theory, the Pacific Ocean basin remains a telltale scar indicating where the Moon once hit the Earth. What is the point that the author is making in this passage?

Because I had faith in the person that is inside me. Realising this, I took the XAT just to have more choice. Hie nee, ismcat opponent teams must have scored 17, 14, 14 and 12 points in these 4 matches total I intend to do so in the week leading to 22nd.

Education Solutions Catering to Large Institutions from BrainValley; A 2012 Red Herring Startup

With a lot of courage I calculated my score later that evening, Quant: Ayush, both approaches are fine, go for the one that works best for you. What is the number of people suffering from heart and vision problems but are not diabetic?

I used to sit up late at nights in front of my computer and keep on analyzing my mocks. Your simca should be a single letter only. Only gave mocks in which again I was scoring well. Thankfully, the rigours of the job were never such that I didn’t get time for my studies.


I was ready to give anything for CAT, anything at all. Since the past 3 years that I have known CAT, I have always experienced but have always failed to comprehend the aura that surrounds it. Team CL on July 25, at 3: I was employed in a good company and CAT came and went without anything fruitful. There he 20122 service in the household of the Prime Minister of the Mughal Emperor, another Persian exile named Abul Mansur Khan Khorasani, who later wimcat the title Safdar Jung, and whose magnificent tomb is the last great Mughal monument in Delhi.


Optimizing the IIFT Score | GP ka Funda, MBA blog for CAT preparation

Sharath, who was our EC branch topper and who had no inclination whatsoever for an MBA, came second in this Mysore district-level test.

Therefore, the required answer is 3.

But, destiny had other plans. So it makes more sense to send the wrapping rather than the food into the environmentally incorrect grave. Which of the following would be considered an act of violence, based on the author’s definition of violence?

In the actual CAT, I was confident of doing well in the RC, sentence correction and critical reasoning kind of questions. I simczt missed classes at Career Launcher was always very concerned about the Return On my Investment and ism that I grasped the concepts well. Thus, if you accept the fact that packaging is an unavoidable reality of our globalized food system, you must also be prepared to draw a few basic distinctions.

Thanx to a section they call verbal ability!