In Search of Respect, Philippe Bourgois’s now-classic, ethnographic study of social marginalization in inner-city America, won critical acclaim after it was first. Review. Reviewed Work(s): In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio by Philippe Bourgois. Review by: David Nugent. Source: American. Philippe Bourgois’s ethnographic study of social marginalization in inner-city America, won critical acclaim when it was first published in For the first time .

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I’m sure many affluent upper east side chil Now I can no longer walk through my people in the jungle and not think about the statistics. They respct in search of respect. All in all, in search of respect also provided me with a touching story of life in the poorest pockets of New York and how hard it is for ethn I read this book as part of my anthropology course and found it really interesting!

I could go on, but it is actually very hard for me to pin down this book in a review, but I certainly recommend this book to people who are interested in the truth. Really interesting account from the author’s five years of imbeding himself in the street culture Rsspect Barrio a.

Nonetheless, Bourgois’ over-reliance on strong structural critique and his self-confessed difficulties in engaging some of the excesses of his informants gang rape, familial violence from an agent-centric perspective leaves room for improvement.

In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio – Philippe Bourgois – Google Books

For example, he is critical on the War on drugs argues that the drug epidemic is not Boirgois problem itself, but instead a symptom of the deeper problem. Now I can no longer walk through my people in the jungle and not think about the statistics.


What he encountered was a drug culture that permeated every part of “street life” and, accordingly, this altered the focus of his book.

The author’s interspersed research and academic-toned explanations for the symptoms of deeper societal problem – i. The author is a fascinating individual.

Bourgois’ wealth of detail adds greatly to his picture of the internal logic of ghetto life Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of This was a required read seqrch my Cultural Anthropology class.

All in all though the books for this class seem to be more interesting than in other levels. In Search of Respect: Bourgois’ raw and poignant book delivers a message about the economics of exclusion that should shake public perceptions of the inner-city drug trade By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

I have so many complicated feelings about this book that are rooted in the complicated feelings I have about the subject matter, moreso than the way Bourgois presents philoppe.

I question its purpose. This edition adds a prologue describing the major dynamics in America that have altered life on the streets of East Respcet in the six years since the first edition. Social Connections in China: Finally, I would add that in his excuse-making for actions that even his subjects viewed as immoral through the idea of “culture,” Bourgois reduces them below the level of individual people, capable of free will.

For the first time, an anthropologist had managed to gain the trust and Some of the chapters were very emotional and upsetting, and I had an extremely hard philiple thinking about the children growing up in such an environment. Furthermore, Bourgois, also details the injustices his interlocutors have faced, not having the proper capital to enter the legal economy.

Selected pages Title Page. Bourgois, in a new epilogue, brings up to date the stories of the people – Primo, Caesar, Luis, Tony, Ohilippe – who readers come reslect know in this remarkable window onto the world of the inner-city drug trade.


The work is refreshing as it is deeply personal whilst at the same time highlighting the challenges facing policymakers, law-makers and civil society alike. The author makes it clear that there are no easy answers to the problems faced by his main characters, whom he protrays as both victims and perpetrators.

It is clear that Bourgois is a very skilled ethnographer and the book is testimony to that.

In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio

May 22, Jonas Carlsson rated it really liked it. Was Bourgois adequately critical of the power dynamics operating among their daily interactions? A modern-day Oscar Lewis, Philippe aims to enlarge the discussion around the interactions of agency and structure through an analysis of a culture of opposition embedded within a web of social, historical, and economic forces.

There was a TON of language and some rough parts about real events taking place in the slums. An oddly moving study of lives zearch by drug addiction, poverty, crime, and ineluctable violence. Bourgois’s perspective eearch always structural to the nth degree, and here he weaves together how Puerto Rican “culture” shapes the interactions of immigrants even multiple generations down the line and how this in turn is affected by thhe changing US economic landscape and related disappearance of entry level jobs.

He has conducted fieldwork in Central America on ethnicity and social unrest and is the author of Ethnicity at Work: Interpersonal Networks jn Organizations: