Drug Company Name:Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Product List. Serial. No. Brand Name. Dosage. Generic Name. Pack Size. 1. Aboxitin 1 gm. Injection. Incepta has been launching new and innovative products in order to fulfill .. required to attain it would be in their top priority list- They need to. Since its inception, Incepta has been launching new and innovative products in order to fulfill unmet demand .. Following are a few of this long list of products.

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Other Company or Institute Profile. So the personnel are separate from each other. This was the first time a local pharmaceutical company produced such highly sophisticated technology product in the country. Log In Sign Up. This is a great opportunity for Incepta to penetrate the market at this growing stage. We have a relentless passion for Quality in everything we do.

Supply of raw materials are mainly obtained from approved suppliers.

Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

In some cases the payment may be made by cash or by bearer check or paid in advance fully or partly. They ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations to avoid the risk of public uncepta. Bangladesh Operational Managing Director Phone: In ,The company registered an excellent growth of But it is true that integrated software is a very complex one for a large organization like IPL. This department informs the purchase department when to buy materials.

Profile of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.- – First Online drug index of Bangladesh

The internal control system extends beyond those matters which relate directly to the functions of the accounting system and comprises The control environment means the overall attitude, awareness and actions of directors and management prodhct the internal control system and its importance in prdouct entity. Since its inception, Incepta has been launching new and innovative products in order to fulfill unmet demand of the medical community.


And it is signed by senior management. By the end of Incepta was the number 31st company of the country. Receiving and storing goods, supplies and services 3. Approved suppliers supply the active substances used in manufacturing. The report has been prepared under direct supervision of Kazi Tanvir Mahmud Ph.

Data has been analyzed by using computer program with the help of Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. Incepta Pharmaceuticals Company really a big Company and day by day it producf be increase because most of the employees are so sensitive their own work. Plans are underway to get into reverse engineering and analogue research in order to produce new API. Incepta quickly developed a very competent sales team, which promotes the specialties throughout the country.


Background checks should be performed prior to hiring for key positions. Receiving Material, Goods and Services When ordered products are received, they are inspected by user department.

To meet the increasing demand from domestic as well as overseas markets, another warehouse is currently under construction with three times the capacity of the existing one.

The responsibilities for the technical aspects of Quality Assurance are defined in the Quality Manual. This unique number is used as reference for further proceeds.

The Zirabo manufacturing plant is located about 35 Km north of Dhaka City and covers an area of land about 15, m2. If every thing has been complied, the amount payable to supplier is approved by the purchase department.

When disputes occur, review your purchasing procedures to ensure that they are producing the correct metrics and that you are not forced to pay for your mistakes. My scope of work is limited to local transaction. Communicate with Suppliers Communicate with your suppliers to improve the process. Incepta intends to bring newer products of advanced technology through research hitherto unknown in this country.


Such activities will not only benefit the company but also the total pharmaceutical sector of the country.

A copy of all this documents is kept by purchase department liwt the main copies along with copies not negotiable are sent to accounts and finance department. Normally the goods are received by factory and send them to ware house. The documents Expenses are mainly prepared in manual system. Provide people globally with high quality health care products at affordable prices in order to improve access to medicine and to provide employees an enabling environment that facilitates realization of their full potential.

Incepta Pharmaceuticals | Product details

This focus enabled Incepta to produc and market generics for the first time ever in Bangladesh pharmaceutical market. Disbursements are handled in such a manner as to ensure that producr proper funds and accounts are charged; that the disbursement is used only for authorized purposes; and that laws, rules, and regulations governing the disbursement are followed.

Normally these signs are made by managers or director of accounts and finance. He or she should ensure that employees also support ethical values and have the technical competence for the position. InThe company was ranked 3rd largest with the highest growth among the top five IMS.