The [Run] section is optional, and specifies any number of programs to execute after the program has been successfully installed, but before the Setup program. The latter can happen if CloseApplications is set to yes or force. Installing Shown during the actual installation process. Information Shown if InfoAfterFile is set. Note that the DisableFinishedPage directive is ignored if a restart of the computer is deemed necessary, or if a file is assigned to the InfoAfterFile [Setup] section.

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Constants may only be used when the external flag is specified, because the compiler does not do any constant translating itself. If this flag is specified and the system is running Windows Vista or later, the spawned process will execute with the normally non-elevated credentials innowetup the user that started Setup initially i.

Determines the message displayed on the wizard while the program is executed. On a bit mode install, the file is assumed to be a bit image and will be registered inside a bit process.

If Setup has to restart the user’s computer as a result of installing a file with the flag restartreplace or if the AlwaysRestart [Setup] section directive is yesthere will not be an opportunity for the checkbox to be displayed and therefore the entry will never be processed. Cannot be combined with waituntilidle or waituntilterminated. This flag instructs the compiler to digitally sign the original source files before storing them.

Ignored if the Innosetul [Setup] section directive was set to no. The user can uncheck or check this checkbox and thereby choose whether this entry should be processed innosetip not.

inno setup – How to dynamically change the InfoAfterFile in InnoSetup – Stack Overflow

Never change the ACLs on shared system files, otherwise you can open up security holes on your users’ systems. Note that this is the default behavior i. If a user launches Setup by right-clicking its EXE file and selecting “Run as administrator”, then this flag, unfortunately, will have no effect, because Setup has no opportunity to run any code with the original user credentials. Tells Setup the file is a font that needs to be installed.


If this parameter is not specified or is blank, the default verb for the file type will be used typically “open”. If this parameter is not specified, Setup retrieves the file size at startup. When Setup is silent the wizard and the background window are not displayed but the installation progress window is. Preparing inoafterfile Install Normally, Setup will never stop or pause on this page.

If you need that, you must add the flag waituntilterminated. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our inbosetup terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. This is the default behavior in a infofterfile mode install. On the other hand, “foo” will exclude any file named “foo” anywhere in the unfoafterfile. Prevents Setup from restarting the system following a successful installation, infoafgerfile after a Preparing to Install failure that requests a restart.

Prevents Setup from force closing when closing applications. Use of this flag is not recommended except as a last resort, because there is an inherent issue with it: The compiler will prepend the path of your installation’s source directory if you do not specify a fully qualified pathname.

Specifies a custom exit code that Setup is to return when the system needs to be restarted following a successful installation. When solid compression is enabled, this flag instructs the compiler to finalize the current compression stream and begin a new one before compressing the file s matched by Source. If it’s very silent it will reboot without asking. Yes in a ‘Keep newer file?

[Setup]: DisableFinishedPage

However, you do need to convert existing [Messages] and [CustomMessages] entries in your. Sign up using Email innisetup Password. The same is true infoafferfile Setup is launched from an already-elevated process. Beginning with Inno Setup 5. This parameter must be combined with the external flag and specifies the size of the external file in bytes. You should not use this parameter in any new scripts. Don’t copy the file to the user’s system during the normal file copying stage but do statically innosehup the file into the installation.


However, if the [Setup] section directive AlwaysRestart is yesor if there are files with the restartreplace flag, all files get registered on the next reboot by creating an entry in Windows’ RunOnce registry key. This flag instructs the compiler — or Setup, innisetup the external flag innosetuup also used — to silently skip over the entry if the source file does not exist, instead of displaying an error message. This parameter is a set of extra options.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Unicode Pascal Scripting notes: Any error message box displayed before Setup or Uninstall could read the command line parameters. Note that by default, if a program executed in the [Run] section queues files to be replaced on the next reboot by calling MoveFileEx or by modifying wininit.

If this flag is specified, it will wait until the process is waiting for user input with no input pending, instead of waiting for the innoxetup to terminate. Information Shown if InfoAfterFile is set. If a task name is prefixed with a “! Existing installations of your programs done by non Unicode installers can be freely updated by Unicode installers, and vice versa.

[Setup]: InfoAfterFile

The file will be opened with the application associated with the file type on the user’s system, the same way it would be if the user double-clicked the file in Explorer.

Use this flag on files you wish to modify while already compiled into Setup.

Users may proceed to the next page only if the option “I accept the agreement” is selected. For the most part the two versions are used identically, and any differences between them are noted throughout the help file.

Infoxfterfile assigning a string to RunOnceIdyou can ensure that a particular [UninstallRun] entry will only be executed once during uninstallation. This flag is useful if the file is handled by the [Code] section exclusively and extracted using ExtractTemporaryFile.