The TRIGEN™ INTERTAN nail was designed as a trochanteric portal intramedullary nail especially shaped for fractures of the proximal femur. The. INTERTAN. Objectives. To compare the long-term functional and radiographic outcomes of the proximal femoral nail antirotation-Asia (PFNA-II) and. The goal of this study was to compare the outcomes of unstable trochanteric fractures treated with the InterTan nail (Smith & Nephew, Memphis, Tennessee) and.

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Once healing of the femoral intertn was confirmed by X-ray, full weight-bearing ambulation was required. Why do I ream with a 16mm reamer and the nail size is larger?

Reduced postoperative pain 9,10,11,13,14,15 Challenge: Functional recovery after fracture of the hip. What is an Integrated Interlocking Screw configuration and how will it help my patients? Second, this study had problems inherent to its retrospective nature, including nonrandomization.

Intdrtan Orthop Belg ; Functional recovery of elderly patients with surgically-treated intertrochanteric fractures: Ma KL et al. Feb 6 ;95 3: Prevention and treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis. A prospective clinical study. Outcome of intertrochanteric fractures treated by intramedullary nail with two integrated lag screws: Eur J Trauma Emerg Surg. Local complications such as implant cut-out, femoral fractures, revision surgery and varus angulation was also extracted from the included studies.

The treatment of intertrochanteric fractures: A forest plot diagram showed the blood loss, total complications and surgery time.

The results of our meta-analysis are in consensus with the results of the findings mentioned above. The state of the art in For additional questions, please contact your local sales representative. Comparison of the infertan trochanteric antigrade nail TAN with the proximal femoral nail antirotation PFNA in the management of reverse oblique intertrochanteric hip fractures. Lower risk of implant failure and non-union 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 Challenge: Outcome of intertrochanteric fractures treated by intramedullary nail with two integrated lag screws a study in Asian population.


Functional recovery after fracture of the hip. This does, however, negate the press-fit effect created by the nail’s trapezoidal shape.

Union time and complications are also important intertah indicators to evaluate the functional recovery.

How is INTERTAN different?

This is representative of approximately six months implantation time at which fracture union should have occurred. All implant position changes were noted.

The problem lies in interan fact that even implants that are keyed to prevent rotation can still experience rotation of the fragments about the axis of the lag screw.

The clothespin distal tip of the INTERTAN short nail reduces the overall cross-sectional stiffness of the implant to minimise the risk of iatrogenic fracture during insertion, to ease the actual process of nail insertion and to offer enhanced rotational stability within the proximal femoral canal. Excessive varus forces placed on the smaller screw at the lateral cortex cause it to toggle and either back out or migrate through the femoral head into the acetabulum.

Clinical and functional outcomes of internal fixation with intertrochanteric antegrade nail in older patients intdrtan proximal extracapsular femoral fractures.


Indian J Orthop ; A call for health system reform. No statistical significance was found in the length of hospital stay between the two groups in our meta-analysis.

TRIGEN INTERTAN Intertrochanteric Antegrade Nail | Smith & Nephew – Corporate

Conventional intramedullary nails including gamma 3 locking nail and proximal femoral nail antirotation PFNA were designed for unstable intertrochanteric fractures 5. Our designing surgeons feel that rotational instability is a major contributing factor to that failure rate and propose the INTERTAN nail as the solution to this dilemma.

Patients with intertrochanteric fractures Intervention: J Bone Joint Surg Am. The included studies were divided into two subgroups to minimize the heterogeneity. Typically, the superior screw is of smaller diameter than the inferior and bears a disproportionate amount of load during weight bearing. A variety of factors including racial differences, surgery procedures, age differences, study design, anaesthesia factors and different time of follow-up may cause the heterogeneity.

In addition, the nail’s trapezoidal profile also provides enhanced anatomical fit and added rotational stability in the proximal femoral metaphysis similar to that offered by conventional hip stems. During the second operation, bone grafting was applied for these patients, and bone union was observed 5 to 7 months postoperatively. Surgery and rehabilitation All patients received antithrombotic prophylaxis perioperatively, an intravenous injection ingertan cefazolin sodium pentahydrate 2.