Into the Wild Nerd Yonder. Julie Halpern, Author. Feiwel and Friends $ ( p) ISBN It’s Jessie’s sophomore year of high school. A self-professed “mathelete,” she isn’t sure where she belongs. Her two best friends have transformed themselves. As much as I love Into the Wild Nerd Yonder, I kind of hate it, too. Seriously, this book is amazing and I’m so jealous of Julie Halpern’s writing.

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I loved Jessie’s relationship with her brother, and yet I found it also profoundly unsatisfying. Passive, childish, inert, and who desire to stay and behave like a child. She knto go of the only friends she’s ever known and searches for new friends.

Open Preview See a Problem? A lot of girls can relate to that, I think. Now, that might seem boring and repetitive to some although maybe not to my excellent goodreader friends but those hours in the library were possibly my favorite part of high school. To quote Nancy Pelosi, who cares?

Nerrd 25, Audrey rated it really liked ibto Shelves: While Jessie’s friends are discovering what sort of young adults they want to be, discovering boys, music and different styles of clothes I was suddenly not part of her life.

But one thing that was on all of our minds, and the topic of most conversations during that year, was sex. She claims to be a mathlete and her hobby is sewing various skirts made from fun themed fabric. Stop the presses, a teenage girl with a healthy relationship with her parents! There is almost no effort in characterization at all. People are different; friends change and grow apart; that’s just how it is.

Overall, I was entertained by this book and I think it has a great deal of appeal for younger teen girls. Jessie is delightfully awkward, and her relationships with her brother and parents are sweet and believable. Jesse is not an exception.


Into the Wild Nerd Yonder by Julie Halpern

And I will take it a bit further – when did “nerdy” behavior become so I feel like Into the Wild Nerd Yonder is a book for me, about me, and at some moments could have been written by me. Jul 12, Jennifer Wardrip rated it really liked it Shelves: I used to sew although I was pretty bad at it ; I was always completely behind my peers in things like smoking and drinking and sex. She doesn’t even know his name, and that night, she has a wet dream yes, girls have them, too!

I’m rating this from 34 pages in Yeah, Jessie hangs onto her prejudices a little long for my taste, but not unreasonably so. She made the team and I didn’t. Mar 13, Heather rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: As a teenager, I was fascinated by the social ladder as depicted in youth media Mean Girls, The Princess Diaries, Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me” because I never really noticed it at my own high sc Jessie sews her own skirts, aces math class, plays the drums and is basically adorable.

This time five years ago I was beginning my sophomore year of high school and was beginning a relationship with my first boyfriend ever. I’m not super impressed with the cover, I think it needs to be more spunky and modern. The conversations between the teenagers are to me a bit terrifying and what I would definetely classify as inappropriate. This is why this novel about embracing one’s nerdiness had such an appeal to me.

Jesse is your run-of-the-mill, typical teenage girl. How I wish that boys like that existed in my high school. Kerry Winfrey June 29, 8: The geek group conveniently had a dream boat dressed up in geek clothing.

High school wasn’t too long ago. I love me my romance and there is some super cute romance! While Jessie’s friends are discovering what sort of young adults they want to be, discovering boys, music and d This will have to be chalked up to a case of, “It’s not you, it’s me. We all have our things, and to quote my dad againyou like what you like. Why such wilc in vanity? It’s like a rite of passage or something.


Nerds-in-denial in jr high? Julie lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, author and illustrator Matthew Cordell, and their two children. I felt for Jessie as she struggled to redefine who she was, who she wanted to hang out with.

Basically the main character reminded me a lot of myself at 16 and I appreciate that books like this exist for girls who were like me in high school.

But do we really need the vicarious sexcapades yondet getting there?

We’re All A Little Nerdy: ‘Into The Wild Nerd Yonder’ by Julie Halpern

Their interactions killed me. Yoncer is almost impossible to connect and relate with the characters. Let them be and they will become the best life partners and husbands you could ever ask for.

It dealt realistically with sex and the importance of using a condom.

Why are there explanations of everything in brackets? Like, on a weekly basis. He’s devoted to Jessie without being a wimp about it and int interactions are genuine and mutually caring without being saccharine. It has very little to do with the joy of becoming a nerd.

Is it good and do you recommend it? Aside from the nerd storyline, there’s a gre I love Julie Halpern-she writes with so much humor and heart that it makes for a great read.