IRAM Integrated Power Modules. • MERs IRAM. SIP SIP SIP •. SIP1 and SIP2 are widely accepted for 6A, 10A, 16A & 20A modules .. IRGSLD. La Serenísima knows that to be successful, companies must care about people and the environment. Therefore, our environmental commitment involves the. measuring methodology, correction of the measured levels, classification and allowed maximum levels ” The Resolution, registers in the Norma IRAM /01 .

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This action also helps reduce well water consumption. The medium and lower windbreak rows, made of Casuarinas or Conifer trees up to 10 meters high, and Crataegus hawthornrespectively, act as a “green lung”.

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Such monitoring, plus routine maintenance, contributes to the efficiency of the noise-treatment systems already installed in noise-generating equipment at General Rodriguez factory. Management of direct and indirect gas emissions from production operations including GHG – greenhouse gas is based on monitoring, control and adoption of minimizing measures and initiatives; always in strict compliance with environmental regulations at provincial, national and international levels. Links Externos Este sitio puede incluir links a otros sitios web.

Our company believes that an efficient way to raise environmental awareness and accountability is through specific campaigns. Our company operates with a strong focus on sustainable development. In Mastellone Hermanos S. Fluorescent tubes were replaced by LED tubes, with the following results: Waste with high energy content is collected at Mastellone premises for incineration in furnaces. The operation times of pressure washers used for truck washing were also shortened.

Plant schedules were adapted to organize work in non-rush hours, resulting in lesser costs. Once the noise source fails, the noise disappears.

Tampoco el presente concede ninguna licencia o derecho a usar cualquiera de los Derechos de Autor irzm otros derechos relativos a los materiales 406 arriba. In order to further minimize environmental impact and control wastewater quality, Mastellone Hermanos has redirected its actions towards improving quality and quantity of treatable effluents. A water consumption improvement plan has already been implemented at Pascual Mastellone Industrial Complex.


Buenos Aires, 12 de Tetra Brik products are FSC certified. New waste management initiatives: This means protecting the future by taking sound decisions in a context where fresh water supply ira, scarce, natural resources and biodiversity are declining, and climate change presents new challenges every day. Este sitio puede incluir links a otros sitios web. De consistencia cremosa, sabroso y libre de gluten es ideal para elaborar todo tipo de recetas dulces.

This leads to important reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, costs of new supplies and landfill waste amounts.

A similar approach is used with suppliers, who are encouraged to adopt all actions that may help reduce environmental footprint. Consequently, we are committed to meet the following 406 environmental objectives on a year-to-year basis: Duringnew facility adaptations will be introduced using energy-saving and sustainable systems. Water recovered from spray-drying also helps reduce groundwater consumption at Pascual Mastellone Industrial Complex.

At the Pascual Mastellone factory waste is partly converted into fuel by an authorized operator. Total electric energy savings: Igam example a polluted river could be detected through vision visual impactthe taste, smell and even touch.

Unlike other pollutants, noise is perceived only through the sense of hearing, and that its spread is airborne.

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Los contenidos del sitio web descriptos arriba no pueden ser cambiados, copiados, reproducidos, vendidos, alquilados, licenciados, usados, ampliados o utilizados de cualquier forma sin el previo consentimiento escrito del titular de los derechos. Noise and air pollutant Noise pollution is a process that affects the environment, is produced by the presence of a physical agent called NOISE, in higher intensities than allowed normally and produces different effects on both humans and animals and materials.

Intotal waste was disposed as follows: This system has proved to be efficient in treating liquid effluents generated by the dairy industry, in view of their high organic load including aerobic and anaerobic organisms that stabilize organic mattermain component of wastewater.


In most of our facilities well water is reused in applicable processes.

The causes of noise in the community are many: The nine stabilization ponds in series are located 5 km from the factory in Gral. Some of the most relevant campaigns include: To this end, our company provides on-going training activities to raise environmental awareness among its employees, informing them iam to perform duties with the least possible impact on the environment.

The development of sustainable actions and continuous improvement requires the involvement of the entire value chain and stakeholders. Emissions to atmosphere are directly related with combustion of steam boilers, used intermittently to heat water for equipment rinsing and washing.

Particulate matter emissions are also related with milk powder manufacturing. In order to meet this goal, we monitor closely the adequate functioning and operating performance of all plants.

Environmental legislation has provisions for local and provincial level. Environmental awareness The development of sustainable actions and continuous improvement requires the involvement of the entire value chain and stakeholders. Regrind material is ira, used in multilayer bottles used to pack Mastellone Hermanos S.

All employees are properly trained to help reduce, recycle and reuse waste. Noise is unwanted sound annoying, especially abundant the urban environment or large areas of human activities.


Waste management at the facilities: This forces quantify their magnitude at the same time it occurs. A thorough maintenance of equipments helps ensure proper performance and energy efficiency. The noise has a number of features that unlike other air pollutants and impede the implementation of control and monitoring. Mastellone Hermanos uses waste stabilization 40062 in most of its plants to treat industrial wastewater biologically.