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Decrease of the L-amylose content deteriorates tensile strength of films. The resultant was transferred into a reaction tank and incubation was carried irmm at 45 50C by stirring slowly.

The films have excellent gas permeability and oil resistance which are equal to those of commercial amylomaize starch films. Subsequently the film was submerged in running water 25C to wash for 20 minutes. The film was found preferable for different applications. She still flys well and looks the itm with the GBUs, s and the tanks.

USA – Process for the production of amylose films – Google Patents

The amylose and amylopectin portions present in cereal starch. The resultant mixture solution was allowed cooling overnight 10C. Whereas films produced from amylomaize starch by the same method had a light absorbance of 55 Amylose films produced in accordance with the process of claim 1. The mixture was heated to l40 l50C.

See below and edit as necessary. Ir, suspension was dispersed sufficiently by heating at C in an autoclave then 0. Strike Fighters 1 Series – File Announcements.

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As shown in Table l. The light transparency of the films is 96 This amylose has a low film forming property and is difficult to form into film unless utilizing other methods. Waxy maize starch is a unique starch from which im S-amylose is produced.


The deposited precipitate was centrifuged, washed in cold water and thus pure amylose was obtained.

The remainder was S-amylose with a mean D. Give it a try and let me know that you think.

I can’t find the file Part of the formed amylose began precipitation during the reaction procedure. Sign in Already have an account? Have no time to do this! Films were obtained by following the same procedures of coagulation.

The desirable incubation conditions are; temperature 45 55C. The obtained amylose are applicable as film material. Strike Fighters 1 Series Thirdwire: L- amylose 5-L 62 71, and S-amylose idm 30 7r were obtained after separation of precipitates. The solution was filtered with warm glass fibre filter. The second centrifuged solution was suspended with one-half part of water and a bright white precipitate was obtained.

Decrease of viscosity in the film material solution corresponds with the increase of the amount of short chain molecules.

Then to the resultant was added 30 units of Escherichia enzyme per gram starch at 50C under stirring conditions. The film had small bubbles and an inferior transparency; light transparency was a little over 50 The procedures were performed as outlined in Example l-l.

With the objective to improve this point.

Posted August 15, Yield was Mother liquid and washing were condensed to a concentration of 10 and reprecipitated and l2 7: Following the reaction the reaction mixture solution was allowed cooling. Films containing over 50 7r of S portion proved usable. Mixed amylose with the ratio of long chain amy’ lose portion hereinafter long chain amylose with D.


Because enzymes that are produced by genera of Lactobacillus and Actinomycetes are generally heat resistant and can be used at 50 60C. Posted August 24, In this Example each separated amylose obtained by 210c the enzymatically reacted solution to 15C and 10C had S-amylose contents of about 25 and 45 7r respectively. To the supernatant liquid was added magnesium sulphate to give a magnesium sulphate concentration of 13 7t and from it amylopectin was separated at 20C and washed with water.

Each material amylose is dissolved in 1200c 2 NNaOH to 1120c a concentration of 20 7c.

Coagulation and drying procedures of the film desirably were also possible. Amylose preparations suitable for the formation of films are obtained by admixing the above mentined L- amylose or controlling the separation procedure in order to prepare material mixtures with S-amylose contentsof l 5 7r. After holding for l 2 hours. The characteristics of the film were apparent at first sight; it showed neither white turbidity nor bubbles as in the cases of commercialized amylose films.

F/AF – Page 3 – Thirdwire: Strike Fighters 1 Series – File Announcements – CombatACE

Posted August 28, Amylose starch which deposited upon allowed cooling was centrifuged. The precipitated amylose was centrifuged. Processes for formation of films with alkali solutions prepared from the various varieties of starch are as follows.