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ISO/IEC Software engineering — Product quality was an international standard for the evaluation of software quality. It has been replaced by ISO/IEC. ISO/IEC. TR. First edition. Software engineering — Product quality —. Part 3: Internal metrics. Génie du logiciel — Qualité des produits —. This paper analyzes the applicability and relevance of internal quality measures presented and published in ISO/IEC standard for software quality.

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In addition, there are several attempts to identify quality attributes. Secondly, we conducted a survey to found out pair wise comparisons between criteria, sub criteria and alternative using a Standard AHP approach, thus we evaluated an AHP model for selection of the most appropriate E-learning Software. Abstract ISO quality model is an assessment tool for determining software quality which has main attributes and sub attributes.

Instructions on How to use the Super Decisions Software. ISO identifies the internal characteristics and external quality characteristics of a software product and contains various characters.

ISO/IEC TR – Software engineering — Product quality — Part 3: Internal metrics

A lot of work has been done since by a number of researchers to design a software quality framework. In addition, there are more relations that show the interrelationship between criteria.

Also, for future researches we can consider priorities of decision makers. As a result, for deriving fuzzy comparision matrix we created matrix of pair wise comparisons Eq. This model has a hierarchical tree structure that contains main characteristic and sub-characteristic.

Many decision-making problems cannot be structured hierarchically because iso iec have some dependency among their criteria. Both the AHP and the ANP derive ratio scale priorities by making paired comparisons of elements on a common property or criterion Soheil et al. An attribute is an entity which can be verified or measured in the software product. This part provides the concepts —3 iso iec the original standard ie a recommended quality model which categorizes software quality in six characteristics, which are further sub-divided into subcharacteristics.


Views Read Edit View history. Moreover, Yuksel used ANP to demonstrate a process for quantitative SWOT analysis that can be performed even when there is dependence among strategic factors Yuksel and Dagdeviren, Attributes of software that make the software adhere to application related standards or conventions or regulations in laws and similar prescriptions.

This Standard References Showing 10 of As a result, for deriving fuzzy comparision matrix we created matrix of pair wise comparisons Eq. A heuristic methodology for multi-criteria evaluation of web-based E-learning systems based on user satisfaction. When, the interval judgments are consistent, the maximum value of C is greater or equal to one. This page was last edited on 12 Septemberat Henningsson and Wohlin conducted a research based on relations between software quality attributes in their research.

These biases include changing priorities after the start of a project or not having any clear definitions of “success”.

Ideally, the internal quality determines the external quality and external quality determines quality in use. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

ISO/IEC – Wikipedia

To do this, we conduct iao pair wise comparison between criteria. Factors in Software Quality. Attributes of software isl on the effort needed to install the software in a specified environment. Evaluation models for e-learning platform: It defines six product quality characteristics and in an annex provides a suggestion of quality subcharacteristics. Moreover, Jadhav and Sonar reviewed more than 50 papers isso software package selection.

Mitigate liability and better understand compliance regulations Boost efficiency: List of International Electrotechnical Commission standards. This standard stems from the GE model for describing software quality, presented in by McCall et al.

ISO/IEC 9126

Each quality sub-characteristic e. Price and Buy this Standard View Pricing.


Attributes are not defined in the standard, as they vary between different software products. As a result, the notion of user extends to operators as well iso iec to programmers, which are users of ieo such as software libraries. As a result, the notion of user extends to operators as well as to programmers, which are users of components such as software libraries.

Moreover, Jadhav and Sonar reviewed iso iec than 50 papers including software package selection. Wang used a survey, generating items, collecting data and validating the multiple-item scale for developing a comprehensive model and tools for measuring learner satisfaction with asynchronous E-learning systems.

Although, Software companies have been produced variety of packages to respond the existing demands. External metrics are applicable to an executable software product during testing or operating in later stage of 9162-3 and after entering to operation process.

This part provides internal metrics for measuring software quality characteristics.

Hence, E-learning quality is related to the quality of the web and web services Behkamal et al. They used two different iso iec to identify these relationships. Applying the ISO model to the evaluation of an e-learning system.

Selection criteria for commercially available software in construction accounting. This ANP model is based on the criteria and sub-criteria which were introduced by previous researchers.

Suryn and Laverdiere analyzed architecture of a soft switch in the telecom industry in order to identify internal quality characteristics, sub characteristics and iso iec measures critical to its functioning as well as a help to measure iso iec Multi-criteria evaluation of the web-based E-learning 912-3 A framework for evaluating ERP projects.