Inspired by its mission to create enduring value for the nation and its stakeholders, ITC has developed an Integrated Rural Development Programme that fosters. What Connects a Corporate Giant, Farmers and We the Consumer? Meet ITC e- Choupal. This initiative has enabled farmers from over 40, The e-Choupal is a unique web-based initiative of ITC Limited, offering farmers required information, products, and services they need.

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The farmers do not pay for the information and knowledge they get from e-Choupals; the principle is to inform, empower and compete. The sanchalak bears some operating cost but in return earns a service fee for the e-transactions done through his e-Choupal. Additionally e-choupal supports best farming practices and methods among the farmers by training each farmer to use the internet facilities in their search for finding the best price available for their produce apart from mandis, they were also taught to use a site dedicated especially for the farmers www.

The Sanchalak was a highly prominent figure after the ITC implemented such ethical and moral for the same and therefore the result was that unscrupulous Sanchalak were deterred from this position.

What Connects a Corporate Giant, Farmers and We the Consumer? Meet ITC e-Choupal

The data base could be sold by the ITC for money increasing their revenue to research institutions studying the agricultural sectors. This diversification allows him to sell his crop at an opportune time, unlike earlier in the man dis, where he had no direct access to market information or alternative sources of income, and was thus unable to exploit price trends.

The creation of extensive green cover as well as improvement of soil health also positively impacts the environment. Further, for a small rich segment of the farming community, this platform could be used by research institutions, national and international, to provide consultancy in the form of improved and scientific approach to farming in the form of irrigation, seeds or other services. Since the introduction of e-Choupal services, choupao have seen a rise in their income levels because of a rise in yields, improvement in quality of output, and a fall in transaction costs.

Now check out the e-choupal business: Help Center Find new research papers in: Fuelling latent rural demand The Economic Times. As Vhoupal ‘kissan’ Company, ITC has taken care to involve farmers in the designing and management of the entire ‘e-Choupal’ initiative.

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If he decides to sell to the ITC hub, the Sanchalak gives him a note which includes his name, village, particulars of the quality assessment, approximate quantity and conditional price. This will create another virtuous cycle propelling the economy into a higher growth trajectory.

The active participation of farmers in this rural initiative has created a sense of ownership in the project among the farmers. The computer is housed in the sanchalak’s house and is linked to the Ltc via phone lines or by a VSAT connection.

Jump to Main Navigation. By operating across the agri-value chain, ITC is able to source raw materials directly from farmers, thereby ensuring safe and quality food products for its FMCG consumers. ITC holds out mall hope for villagers The Telegraph.

Rewarding resourcefulness, lifting lives The Hindu Business Line. Ground reality Business Standard. The company will be ict million saplings on these wastelands, generating additional jobs that will benefit at least 1.

Even small farmers have gained from the initiative. However, the farmers learned quickly the methods and tools of the facilities and training organized was a big hit among the farmers. Jump to Sub Navigation. Its services today reach out to over 4 million farmers growing a range of crops – Soybean, Wheat, Rice, Maize, Coffee, Marine Products and Fruits – in over villages through kiosks across 10 states.

Even so, the economy depends to a large degree on the rural sector to stimulate r. These vhoupal small enterprises lack access to markets and hence do not have predictable income and growth 3.

The aim was to essentially create a more direct, a more influencing impact upon the production capacities and capabilities of the farmers in the long run which would help farmers as well the company in the long run.

Further, the platform can also be used to charge rich farmers for the information that they have received. How innovation really works Business Today. Jump to Sub Navigation. Recognising the various challenges faced by farmers like fragmented farms, weak infrastructure and involvement of numerous intermediaries, ITC designed e-Choupal as a more efficient supply chain aimed at delivering value to its customers around the world on a sustainable basis.


ITC e-Choupal, Agricultural Exporters India – ITC ABD, Corporate Social Responsibility in India

There are 6, e-Choupals in operation in 40, villages in 10 states, affecting around 4 million farmers. This article needs to be updated. This system also gives the company traceability of its key agri-inputs for manufacturing its popular brand of consumer food products. It could serve both the company and the farmers. ITC Limited has provided computers and Internet access in rural areas across several agricultural regions of the country, where the farmers can directly negotiate the sale of their produce with ITC Limited.

Log In Sign Up. A more direct contact with the farmer had more control over the quality of product it sourced. Indeed, tens of millions of Indian farmers are suffering. There were a number of other challenges in the form lack of a proper system of infrastructure in place for establishing network of e-choupal among the villages. Under the programme, Cattle Development Centres CDC have been established till date, covering more than 10, villages and resulting in over 15 lakh artificial inseminations.

As a direct marketing channel, virtually linked to tic ‘mandi’ system for price discovery, ‘e-Choupal’ eliminates wasteful intermediation and multiple handling.

One of the essential cyoupal for ITC was that the regulatory practices in place then by the Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee Act that prohibited the purchase of specified commodities from other sources than the government designated mandis. Archives Select Year This value chain created can serve as tool for the ITC and other players to penetrate and affect the rural market more effectively. This enthusiastic response from farmers has encouraged ITC to plan for the extension f the ‘e-Choupal’ initiative to altogether 15 states across India over the next few years.

Get the best viral stories choupsl into your inbox before everyone else! It makes use of the physical transmission capabilities of current intermediaries — aggregation, logistics, counter-party risk and bridge financing — while dis-intermediating them from the chain of information flow and market signals.