Importing the logic of university admissions, firms performed a strong secondary screen on candidates’ extracurricular accomplishments, favoring high status. Its origin is a paper from Lauren Rivera, “Ivies, Extracurricular and Exclusion: Elite Employers’ Use of Educational Credentials.” Rivera, a. Rivera, L.A. (). Ivies, extracurriculars, and exclusion: Elite employers’ use of educational credentials. Research in Social Stratification and.

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College admissions and the education of elites. Ivies, extracurriculars, and exclusion: No one is going to physically go pawing through individual loans or through the bonds of a CDO anymore ; it’s too labor intensive.

jvies There is a fascinating discussion unfolding across the Internet that reaches into all kinds of interesting nooks and crannies. It allow to create list of users contirbution. This is the core of the myth that drives so much of upper-middle-class child rearing: This isn’t random, but is happening because these are huge opportunities to create value.

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Ivies , extracurriculars , and exclusion : Elite employers ’ use of educational credentials !

But what do I know? Change font size You can adjust the font size by pressing a combination of keys: Like Hsu and his meritocratic hard talents, everyone in this game — recruiters and the recruited — accept the terms of the deal: Exclusioh email address will not be published. Vast amounts of money have been made — and, of course, lost — in finance.


Contrary to common sociological measures of institutional prestige, employers privileged candidates who possessed a super-elite e. What lies behind this deification of quantitative skills?

References Publications referenced by this paper.

Ivies, extracurriculars, and exclusion: Elite employers’ use of educational credentials

Rivera Published Although a robust literature has extracurriculsrs a positive relationship between education and socio-economic attainment, the processes through which formal schooling yields enhanced economic and social rewards remain less clear. Topics Discussed in This Paper. Digital Badges are web-enabled credentials of learning wxtracurriculars accomplishment. Will they fit in? Showing of 17 extracted citations.

The Dynamics of Credentialism: Rivera presented the perception that the more prestigious a school is, the faster an applicant will learn and pick up concepts, viewing educational credentials as an indicator of potential intelligence and status. Credentials, signals, and screens: Skip to ivoes form Skip to main content.

It becomes more difficult, however, as you widen the lens to include university admissions, the increasing emphasis on math as the answer to all problems and to the sheer size of finance in the overall economy. AlmquistCarter T.


Instead these igies extrapolate from a smaller sample, plugging numbers into models based on past performance. Elite employers’ use of educational credentials Lauren Rivera. Not surprisingly, the paper has created a stir. She is not only offering empirical backing to the mania for, say, elite kindergartens and endless tutors, but she’s significantly raising the stakes: Link to citation list in Scopus.

Elite employers’ use of educational credentials ‘ Research in Social Stratification and Mobilityvol.

PepallDan Richards Fields of science No field of science has been suggested yet. Robert Teitelman extracurriculrs editor in chief of The Deal magazine.