J. Dugundji, “Topology,” Allyn and Bacon, Inc., Boston, has been cited by the following article: TITLE: Continuous Maps on Digital Simple Closed Curves. James Dugundji (August 30, – January, ) was an American mathematician, Dugundji is the author of the textbook Topology (Allyn and Bacon, ), Dugundji, J. (), “An extension of Tietze’s theorem”, Pacific Journal of. J. Dugundji. Topology. (Reprint of the Edition. Allyn and Bacon Series in try/topology sequence, and accordingly no detailed knowledge of definitions.

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James Dugundji – Wikipedia

Incidentally, I also like Bourbaki’s General Topology at least the first volume, which I’m more familiar with. Scott Feb 14 ’12 at 6: Like say Adams’s book “The knot book” or something similar.

Croom Foundation of Topology by C. He wants to make sure it will be used for self-studying. Scott Feb 13 ’12 at From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I consider at most the first of those important for an introductory text in point-set topology.


What book are we taking about? He then took a faculty position at the University of Southern California, where he remained for the rest of his career.


The short answer is: Dugundjl recommended Viro’s Elementary Topology. Actually the book is replete with examples as each section is followed by questions which are answered at the back of the book. The link takes me to nowhere. I know a lot of people like Munkres, but I’ve never been one of them. For me, there was very little in the way of intuition in using that book.

I just would like to know if you guys know the best one. The problem sessions will start the second week of the semester. See also the links below. This is a great book for those who want to get into the algebraic or geometric side of topology.

You might look at the answers dugundhi this previous MSE question, which had a slightly different slant: For what it’s dugunddji, Munkres’s algebraic topology only goes into the fundamental group and the theory of covering spaces.

reference request – Best book for topology? – Mathematics Stack Exchange

Topology is the study of continuity. My own lecture notes dvi pdf for the course.


Gaal has an excellent section on connectedness. Do more recently printed editions have more modern notation?

Apparently the poster was also interested in self-learning, but with less preparation than you. He wanted to write something any undergrad student with an appropriate background like the first chapters of Rudin’s Principles of Analysis can read. Priniples of Topology, by F. The three hour written exam is scheduled to January 14th The proofs are also very different from the typical presentations I see in American books.

BTW Kelly is a bit oldish in style – which I don’t really like.

Matematik 3GT Fall 2004

The Topological Zoo Klein Bottles for sale. Sets, operations with sets, functions, relations Slides dvi pdf. Quotient topology, Hausdorff spaces, product topology.

Retrieved from ” https: Armstrong Perhaps you can take a look at Allen Hatcher’s webpage for more books on introductory topology. Fixed point theoryby Andrzej Granas and James Dugundji”.