Jack The Bodiless (Galactic Milieu Trilogy, Vol 1) [Julian May] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rogi Remillard, a member of the powerful. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. May’s newest series, following from her two Jack the Bodiless (Galactic Milieu Trilogy Book 1) by [May, Julian]. Jack the Bodiless (Galactic Milieu Trilogy) [Julian May] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the year , Earth stood on the brink of.

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I got hooked on this series and this entry, the first, did the trick. Same old cliche jakc entity causing havoc while others try to determine whodunit.

The strongest of the four books in May’s Galactic Milieu series, Jack the Bodiless packs a punch that will leave readers breathless. My fav sci-if author.

He mourns more because of his sterility than the loss of the wife he once loved greatly. Aug 01, Charlie Devlin rated it really liked it. It lacks a lot of characterisation so that the whodunnit element becomes who cares; just names without faces, so no surprise and less suspense. Despite the fact that Jack possesses each of the five higher mindpowers also known as metafaculties at the highest known level Paramount Grand Masterhe is incapable of effecting change in his own physiology.

Couldn’t make myself do it. Or quit after the first three and avoid some disappointments. But godiless this future also features regenerative tanks, good luck with that. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Baby Jack and his travails seems to drive things more but when the two plots do intersect at several points most effectively in a scene almost beautifully understated when Jack casually drops to Marc that he saw Hydra kill someone.

Rather, we are left with a situation of finding out how the events come to pass, not what those events actually are. From an early age, Rogi was visited by an entity he called “the Family Bodilss, and it is this entity who commanded Rogi to write his memoirs.

The alien races were interesting but they played no major role in the book. As with any good science fiction writer a lot goes into establishing time and place. The family, being quite wealthy and connected, see to it that Jack has the best care available.

Jack the Bodiless (novel) | Many-Colored Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This book was kinda interesting. After several events, Denis manages to briefly gain control from his Fury persona, and communicates with Cyndia. This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat This lends the whole series a sense of completion rare in such works.

Falconer and many others. I especially disliked reading characters rehash historic and philosophical stuff. I now own three copies, one a first edition, another a signed, numbered readers-edition. However, May’s writing remains strong and paces chapters enjoyably between Uncle Rogi’s memoirs, events surrounding Marc and key events elsewhere – important threads which will eventually be woven into the greater story.


Don focuses upon Victor as Denis grows up, seeming to shape him into a vigorous athletic counterpart to Denis’s intellectual existence.

On the other hand, operant powers are available for conscious, controlled use. Bodilesw feebly manages to start the technique but cannot muster the power. Billions die in several seconds as the joined minds of the Rebels superheat bidiless crust of the planet. So very worth your time as a reader. Earth ; the Concilium Orban artificial planet constructed by the Lylmik, and the seat of the galactic Council; Hiberniaan Irish-dominated human colony; Caledoniaa Scottish-dominated human colony; Denalia snow-covered planet popular as a holiday destination; and the cosmopolitan human colony planet of Okanagon.

Subsequent research yields results in many places in the world and Denis organizes yearly jjack within the secret metapsychic community. If you can ignore the ‘too detailed’ description of the fantasy sci-fi world May has created, the story line and boundless thought-provoking ideas put forward in this book and the other two that follow are absolutely amazing, especially for the time when it was first published in Is it selfish to feel jzck at Banks’ death for denying me more bigger Culture stories?

May still isn’t totally capable of writing super compelling aliens on a regular basis and while they don’t stop the plot dead like they sometimes did in “Intervention” they often aren’t as helpful as she’d like pretty much every scene with the Lylmik, who often act as giant “get out of jail free” or reset buttons, make you wonder why they’re even bothering with the human race. The relationship between Jack and his brother Marc essentially number two on the power scale remains extremely charming.

There they stay in exile, and the events of the Saga of Pliocene Exile take place. A great introduction to some of the series most influential and interesting characters. The newest member of the family is Jack, a mentally precocious infant who is off the charts in what May calls, operant ability, or the capacity to function in mental and psychic realms most humans have yet to achieve.

The Krondaku krah’n-DAH-koo [3] are large tentacled invertebrate “monsters”, the Gi ghee [3] are feathered hermaphrodites with a well-developed aesthetic sense, the Simbiari sih’m-bee-AH-ree [3] are green and slimy, while the Poltroyans are small purple humanoids who most resemble human beings both physically and mentally. Taking place nearly 40 years after the events of Intervention, it again focuses on the Remillard family and is told, in part, as a memoir written by Rogatien Remillard.

Its based in the future where there is high technology, burgeoning psychic powers, and alien proctors helping Earth become part of the galactic milieu kinda like Star Trek: But the key to trying to find Fury is to get at Hydra first before anymore deaths but can the Remillards and in particular Marc Remillard and old Uncle Rogi find any clues in time and also save Jack Remillard before Fury turns his evil on him too to wipe out the strongest mind the world has ever seen.


A spate of deaths with the same markings harken back to a similar style of killing once done by long departed black sheep brother Victor and as it becomes clear that entity responsible is called “Hydra” and is being directed by another person known as “Fury” all of this somehow managing to not sound like a bad comic book movie its less clear who it really is, something that stymies most of the cast especially when it becomes clear that it has to be a Remillard or.

And so the first paragraph continues with ” Intervention has happened and Earth is on the brink of being accepted into the Galactic milieu but things are not running smoothly, a metapsychic child is born to Teresa Kendall a member of the Remillard dynasty, he is an incredibly gifted being who is fighting for his own survival against medical odds as his body is fighting against him and only his mind is keeping him alive together with the help of medical science.

Jack the Bodiless

Victor, meanwhile, goes after Rogi who has learned too much. Follow the whole trilogy and continue on to the other series. Enjoyed it more now. During the jck, the rebels accidentally lose control of another explosive device and it explodes, setting off Okanagon’s unstable crust. In short – absent is the excitement and action of the Exile Saga or alien and metapsyhic craziness, also absent is the twisting and fascinating unfolding plot of Intervention.

They discover that they have unusual mental abilities which admittedly turn out to be far less than those of later generations of metapyschics. One of my favorite books. May 01, Hali Sowle rated it it was amazing Shelves: The book hasn’t really grown old, the technology that she writes about is not out-dated, the central theme of the book -metaphysical powers, the effect of being a immature part of bodielss galactic unity and the desire to stay I first read this back in when it was published and felt it was one of the best sci-fi books I had read to that point.